Light The Fire / Press

“They were impeccable this night, and served as the perfect example of what a band should be like when they are spot on, both as a working unit and as the individual components that comprise the band.”

“I was more caught up in the high-energy performance they put on, and how enjoyable their shows are, are easily one of if not the best thing about them. They just cut loose and have fun while they’re on stage, which makes it pretty easy for their fans to do more or less the same thing.”

“...the live show phenomenal, and the energy they pack into it is infectious. Jamie was constantly trying to get the fans as engaged as possible, rather it be singing along, to pumping their fists in the air, and even on one song, jumping. Now, I’m not a “jumper”, and I’ve seen many bands who have asked that of the crowd and I personally ignored it, but there was something about this that was different, and I found myself jumping up and down along with everyone else. All of that helped make it a fun show, and on that note, you can tell just by watching them perform they are having a blast being on stage and doing what they are doing. And when I see a band like that, that is noticeable having fun, it makes me enjoy it all the more.”

“Light the Fire does walk a fine line between hard rock and metal, but they have one thing a lot of hard rock and metal bands don’t these days don’t have; A singer who can legitimately sing. I’ve never been a fan of those styles of music because of what they are now, but after listening to some older hard rock and metal bands, I discovered what the genres have degraded into. I don’t like how a band can get up on stage and have their “singer” scream forty plus minutes of songs, with all of what he’s screaming being totally unintelligible, and then that’s called music....I feel like with “Note to Self”, Light the Fire is trying to return those genres to the greatness that they should be, while still holding on to a little bit of what makes them modern. I don’t know if they are purposely going for that or not, but regardless, they do a damn good job of it. ”