“The song is a catchy dose of old fashioned rock 'n' roll – one that has Dennise imagining herself "actually driving to up I-5 to see this Seattle band perform. Of course, it would have to be summertime and I would blast this rousing tune with all my windows down." It's a good leave-your-troubles-behind, get-out-of-town song, as the band sings, "Well I've had enough, of your silly stuff," and belts out the anthemic title and refrain, "nothin' doin!'"”

“I am currently digging Lights From Space a rock band from Seattle (see music below). Surprisingly, the band’s music has received very few views, despite such catchy tunes. This made me think of Dalton Caldwell’s post on predicting hit songs because he and I were surprised to see a similar situation with The Mowgli’s. If I had a record label, I would sign Lights From Space in a heartbeat. Below is the video ‘She’s The Kind’ from their album Six Song Set. Followed by the songs Sunshine, Nothin Doin’ and Policies which are on their latest album ‘No One Knows We’re Here.” Enjoy.”

“Lights from Space: The air conditioned Barboza in the early evening was a nice place to get away from the heats and crowds to catch a set from the power pop band Lights from Space. Before getting into the Barboza, I was waiting in the slow-moving line, only to later learn it was for the band Phox who were playing at Neumos at the same time. A street teamer was handing out Lights from Space’s CD No One Knows We’re Here to people in line. It was a bit of effective marketing. Once I finally got down to Barboza, the crowd was a good size, but not packed and uncomfortable. I enjoyed the upbeat, catchy pop from Lights from Space, which seems to be influenced by Elvis Costello, Fountains of Wayne, The Replacements and/or Weezer. There’s also a Beatles sticker on frontman John Conner’s guitar.”

Chris Burlingame - Cap Hill Block Party 2013

“No One Knows We're Here John Conner, Bill Lor, and Philip Catalan. I know you are here and I like it. This album offers 12 song that are heavy but not fatiguing, intelligent but not pretentious, and most of all catchy but not repetitive.”

“I love LFS. When I hear them and especially when I see them play, I have hearts in my eyes. The band consists of singer/songwriter/guitarist John Conner, drummer Bill Lor and bassist Phil Catalan. I have major respect for these guys. They invited us to open for them at their CD release party for their demo, Six Song Set EP last year. Before the show the members of the band spent the day at the venue building an outdoor stage to play on and then they rocked it come nightfall. I wanna repeat that last part because I was very impressed. They built their own stage to play on (because they are awesome)! They also debuted their video at that show for the song, She’s the Kind. Since then that debut music video was selected by MTV-U for Freshman competition, a showcase for up and coming bands. They also have a new album out, No One Knows Where Here. I listen to it in the car all the time. -Jaquelyn Fedyk- (The Little Black Bottles)”