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“Rod Wilson, leader of this trio, has shared the stage with members of many well-know artists, The Thunderbolts are perhaps typical of the modern, mature American blues rock trio which will always find plenty of work in the USA. Nine of these ten songs were written by bandleader, vocalist & guitar man Rod. What's it like? Rod's vocals are well to the fore with that degree of clarity which allows you to hear every word. His guitar playing is impressive enough, & he even includes a sensitive instrumental, Broken Wing, dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. He also expresses those many emotions musicians feel with the moody Life Of A Bluesman. As a trio, they make a pretty fat sound, & When Love Comes Calling, he's underpinned by by some fine female backing singers. As with many acts in this style, The Thunderbolts are probably better enjoyed in a live situation but as a souvenir of a show, this CD would be a firm reminder to go see them again.”

Alan - Blues Matters

“After being convicted of the blues in his previous production, the guitarist Lightnin' Rod returns with his band The Thunderbolts to give us a ride by a delta full of blues-rock, recalling their origins such as Bob Seger an Eric Clapton, with the usual legendary of the genre. Since 2003, Lightnin' Rod Wilson has been walking the road of the blues with his trio, always finding the best moments to compose songs that have given life to four productions, “All American Blues-2004”, “After The Storm-2008”, “Guilty Of The Blues-2014”, & The latest “Delta Time.” These recordings are fairly notorious due to their extensive play on blues radio shows. With the passage of time, Lightnin' Rod goes on writing & playing & becoming a strong man of the blues, something that he must not feel guilty but rather proud about since it has the ability to carry an accurate message to each listener on radio or at their concerts.”

Vincente Zumel - Historias Del Blues

“Lightnin Rod & the Thunderbolts latest realease is called “Delta Time”. Throughout the unmistakable portion of blues rock, there are also soul, motown, gospel & acoustic influences. Bass player Jimmy Seville & Greg Kitzmiller (drums) Tommy Cates (Harmonica), Roy Edminston (Percussion) & Backing Singers Danielle Gross, Tiffany Bays & Kristi Kitzmiller. The opener and title song "Delta Time" is familiar with Rod's Resonator and Cates' Harmonica, which we will encounter more often on this trip. "Low Down Funky Blues" adds a swampy sequel to this. In the slow rocker "Out of the Darkness" Rod warns us about the future, which he claims to be ominous. "When I Loved You" is a Southern tinted rocker with a separate lineup and "What I Done Forgot" is a funky shuffle. The shutter "Life of a Bluesman" is the most bluesy song on this album. “Delta Time” is a blues album that will also attract the attention of rockers & soul lovers!”

Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime

“Lightnin Rod & The Thunderbolts have been nominated for a Josie Music Award for Artist of The Year in the Jazz/Blues Category.”

Josie Music Awards

“Rod takes lead vocals & plays all guitars & six string banjo. with his extremely smooth & well-oiled band. They present 13 original numbers that ooze sunshine filled aural delights. The mellow laidback funky guitars merge & dance with keyboards that sweetly pepper the air while in the background urging horns & violin tightly entwine, creating an undercurrent of irresistible rhythms that lifts you to your feet. Black Widow & Guilty of the Blues exemplifies the bands ability to instill & fuse the denser Chicago club guitar feel with a looser swinging, wandering saxophone led southern sound. The fluid rich, ringing guitar work of the very pleasant shuffle entitled Shufflin Sue, wonderfully conveys a hot, languid & stfling Saturday night out in the open air. The rock inflected guitar & slide work on the motorway based I-75 foot tapping lifts & gently drives the froove happily along in the best traditions of the master, Chuck Berry.”

Blues Matters

“This last album, "Guilty of The Blues," has a strong message that Lightnin' Rod is trying to convey to the audience. While there is no doubt that Rod has always been a blues rocker at heart, so is such & his music, his blues expression, which carries colored tones of soul & Motown sound, gospel & the inevitable acoustic impact, & in the end, there are sparkling moments of traditional blues. The Thunderbolts are indeed a rare occurrence in the music industry & does not lack of genuine & true musicianship. As such, I take it as a real rarity in today's music scene. It just shows how good their musicianship truly is. It should be noted that the album offers "Skulirani" atmosphere, without any offensive tensions. "Guilty of the Blues," says the album, which will be its content will satisfy all. Lightnin Rod & The Thunderbolts on this album strongly target the population just like mine, there is simply no errors! A must listen!”

Blues 4 U, Sound Guardian Magazsine

“A good dose of rhythm, funky & joyful dancing blues is what you will find in this excellent funny new work of singer, guitar player, and composer Lightnin' Rod. Thirteen original songs filled with an uncontrollable force that will catch listeners who look for good songs and varied rhythms filled with interesting vocal and horn arrangements by a bunch of musicians who leave their knowledge and distinctive mark in a fully satisfactory way. Some people say that his music is as if Bob Seger & Eric Clapton meet in Muddy Waters' house, but this is not totally true, because Rod carries blues and rock deep in his heart & his style is always influenced by soul, Motown & gospel music. GREAT.”

Vicente Zumel - LaHora Del Blues Magazine, Barcelona, Spain

“What kind of “blues electricity” might one expect to be struck by, courtesy of Kentucky’s Lightnin’ Rod & the Thunderbolts? Track 06: “Livin’ in a Smokescreen” – “They want the power; they’ve got the greed. Don’t care about nothing that the people need…Politicians lie; good people die in a smokescreen.” Swinging track six is a blues rocker exposing the political fog in which we currently stumble. “You own the press; you own the schools – but you don’t even know the Golden Rule,” Rod states of so-called “public servants”. His wah-wah guitar solo coupled with Shannon Link’s perky bassline is terrific. Track 12: “Rooster in the Hen House” – The Thunderbolts go all out in this highly-danceable instrumental, as Rod struts his stuff on six-string banjo. It’s not exactly rock, blues, or country, but right in the sweet spot between all three genres. Listen closely for the popular musical refrains from “Shortnin’ Bread” & “Dixie Land".”

Rainey Wetnight - Blues Blast Magazine

“Wilson has not been idle after releasing "After The Storm", but wrote more than thirty new songs. From this offer he has carefully selected thirteen songs for his third album "Guilty Of The Blues". Rod opens firmly with track one "Black Widow", in the background he is supported by the organ grooves of Bob Hopps and the horn section . The title song which follows "Guilty Of The Blues" is a Latino tinged song with a little more percussion by Roy Edmiston and the rhythm section. Track three "Best Days" mixes mandolin and percussion well for a very tight sound. Track six is also a rocker, "Living In a Smoke Screen", which Rod shows his frustrations in some sharp solos with amazing pedal work. Lightnin Rod Wilson as we experience is always exciting and in in track twelve "Rooster In The Hen House he also affirms his skill on banjo and his instrumental cackle. We conclude with track thirteen "Love You Too Much", an entertaining blues rocker, which is full of emotional outpourings.”

Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime

“Some people close to singer and guitarist Lightnin’ Rod describe this artist and his music as a perfect mixture of Eric Clapton, Bob Seger and Muddy Waters. True or not, what is certainly evident is Rods music has been influenced by Howlin’ Wolf and Stevie Ray Vaughn, together with seventies British pop music but over all, his style is deeply rooted in black music. Lightnin’ Rod Wilson walks up and down his guitar neck showing an amazing technique and sound that will certainly convince the most reluctant experienced listeners, not only by his fine guitar skills but also by his convincing effective phrasing present along the whole cd. To round it up, The Thunderbolts really know what they are doing and display a cool compact sound, with a very professional amazing technique on a passionate honest performing. In short words, we are facing a totally convincing work, done with great taste and care. GREAT.”

Vicente Zumel - La Hora Del Blues 96.6 FM Barcelona Spain

"After the Storm" by Lightnin Rod and The Thunderbolts is true classic blues gem. From front to back the album just screams old school blues with amazing licks, strutting bass lines and beats that swagger. It definitely features a full sound with great female backing vocals and sultry saxophone work thrown into the mix. The album comes out of the gates strong with "Close To You," a track that encompasses each and every element of the bands frill-less sound and concept. "Bring you back Home" opens with a wicked guitar intro, gritty vocals and great female back up vocals. The standout track on this album has to be "Narcissistic Fool", which features a slick guitar riff, a fantastic plucky bass line and great sax accents. If you are a fan of artists like JJ Cale, Eric Clapton or BB King this is a must pick up. It stands alone as a truly Professional sounding album with some very well written songs and a very talented band to boot.

Ross - RadioIndy