Light Bulb Alley / Press

“fact is that take off all songs!!! Booth has a magical tone in his voice and the way that sings touched me greatly!!! Their songs are emerged from all the genres of rock'n'roll. Sometimes are blues, other times guitars reminds Velvets. Eye in the Sky is a great acid garage song (in the way Hidden Peace did in the 80's). Their cover in who do you love is simple but stuck in mind. Great songs are 'my love' and 'why don't you' Those are heavier (high energy rock'n'roll called) with screaming vocals shouting for love!!! Plus 'bad day' that recalls Dream Syndicate from the Days Of Wine And Roses period! Sound of things is the most psych song, long time coming is a true 70's punk while the softer songs are tonight (very good) and backslider. The greatest song of the album (and maybe in the last years) is stranger in a stranger town. I can't describe properly how great it is! Moody guitar, bass and drums with vocals and trashy performing are still shudder my body!!! Excellent!!! ”

“Montreal è robusta e in ottima salute. I Light Bulb Alley lo testimoniano con questo disco rozzo, scassato e sporco di grasso e Blues. Registrazione fracassona, voce tormentata, e un impianto ritmico schiacciasassi sono gli ingredienti di questo bel macigno dall'attitudine garage, che spesso e volentieri si lascia andare a febbricitanti derive psych ("Bad Day", "Eye In The Sky"). Subito salta all'orecchio il modo diretto e autentico di confezionare una manciata di canzoni sanguigne, semplici ma molto efficaci. Un piatto tradizionale, ma cucinato a regola d'arte. Se la prima parte del disco è più abrasiva, la seconda parte si concentra su una psichedelia ruvida, in un convincente trattamento di sgrossatura sui modelli Sixties più legati al Blues ("Stranger In A Strange Town"). Il debutto dei Light Bulb Alley fa l'effetto di un bel cucchiaio colmo, sazia e soddisfa, e, per un disco così, questo è l'essenziale. ”

“F Hi. My name is Lara. I was just calling because yesterday I saw a show that was really, really great at Brutopia. The band was called Light Bulb Alley and it was really amazing. People DROPPED MONEY on the stage. They really, really liked it. I was just thinking maybe you could make an article or something. I mean, they’re really, really good. I think you can find them on MySpace, I’m not really sure. You can check them out. They’re really good. Thank you. [BLEEP!]”