“All three bands kicked things into high gear and got everyone pumped up for what was next.. GRAVEN IMAGE took the stage and blew my head off. This band impressed from the opening notes...Amazing riffs, great songs, Pounding Drums by Phil, Spectacular Guitar Work by Paul & Scott, Bass In Your Face by Andrew all capped off by incredable vocals of Martin O'Brien who sang his ass off. I've never seen the band before but walked out a new fan.”





“I can be a little critical when it comes to music, and I'm also a terrible liar. The guys in the band are all really good guys, plus Paul Coleman's biceps are thicker than my thighs, so I really didn't want to piss him off, because he can twist me into a pretzel. Alas, I worried for nothing. I've seen Graven Image live a few times, and liked them well enough, but that couldn't have prepared me for what awaited me when i pressed the play button on this disc. I was completely blown away right from the start. The production, for having a limited budget and being self produced is very impressive. It's a concept album so it kind of has that Operation Mindcrime feel, with the cool segues between the songs and such, and a nice mix of heavy tunes and acoustic tracks. Very well thought out and pieced together. ”



firebrand magazine

“David Mark Pearce was also named 2008’s eighth “Best Guitarist’” by Classic Rock Society Magazine in the UK for his work with the Oliver Wakeman Band,had this to say about the new GRAVEN IMAGE CD,THE FUTURE STARTED YESTERDAY..Just been listening to the killer new album by 'Graven Image' featuring my good friends Paul Coleman and Martin O'Brien. Its not had time to sink in just yet, how could it when I only got it last night, but more importantly it just smacked me right between the eyes like a frieght train, the one in particular that i love so far is the huge 'No Atheist In A Foxhole' just immense!!!!!”

David Mark Pearce - David Mark Pearce

“second review of our cd from Duckie Flemister.CEO OF DREAMLAND film productions..i am not someone who would ever try to pass myself off as a student of the metal genre but i sure know what sounds good to me and The Future Started Yesterday is one of those records that just takes your breath away; you not only hear this but feel it and see it, it is indeed VISUAL as you pass through this epic journey ..this is an album written by experienced musicians who are also experienced men ..these are men who have felt pain and fear and aren't afraid to express it (Far Away) and have also learned along the way that life has more than one note...the acoustic pieces that are melodic and reflective suddenly blaze up and the tag-team guitars of Paul Coleman and Scott Williams come screaming off that backbeat; i am hard-pressed to know how drummer Phil Michalik keeps up that pace but oh, does he ever and bassist Andy Purchia keeps a solid foundation to all- atop this vocalist Martin O'Brien soars!!!”

Dreamland films

“First review of the album has arrived. This is from Niall Mc Dermott the drummer for Irish band "Stone Trigger". Hi Martin, i listened to the whole album this morning. Wow, fan fucking tastic. awesome vocals,blistering guitar riffs, skull crushing bass rhythm,and tight as a nut heavy hitting drums.really really impressive. I love that theres versatility in the album, not the usual 100 mph constant tempo u usually hear on a metal/thrash album. each track has its own identity,and sound,and i love all the melodies too. great work guys.This will get you noticed .. Niall from Stone trigger ”

stone trigger

“Subject: MCPON/link Got yer link from MCPON.gov/military VIA Teammate Marcus and SO1 Mitch's wife Dianne,THANX SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT..its nice to know there are people who give a fuck as we dodge death on a daily basis- - not to many things come to us free out here** ""thanx brothers"" Hooyah.. ”

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