Life Size / Press

"[Life Size has] been rattling venues in support of their current release 'Mockingbird Alarmclock EP' and we aren’t the only ones to take notice."

"The well-dressed Salisbury quintet boasts strong musicianship and vocal harmonies...marked by passionate delivery and blues guitar that could place them on a late night stage at Bonnaroo."

"The impressive young band Life Size...deliver a soulful pop-rock debut with 'The Mockingbird Alarmclock EP.'"

"They appear more than prepared to head out into a full-time performance career along with the other band members, Tevin Carr and Greg Moore, right after graduation next spring."

"Their songs, all original compositions, demonstrated that they have become accomplished songwriters"

"Catawba couldn’t ask for better advertising for the their music department than these three talented students"

"Allijah Motika, Silas Boyle and Jake Martin performed...flawless three-part harmonies over their equally impressive instrumental technique"