Life Size Ghost / Press

“Grand Rapids rockers Life Size Ghost seem on the cusp of cracking the alt-rock hit code with their new EP Magnify (to be released in Feburary 2012). The band (featuring Talitha Snowden- keys, vocals, Curtis Hendershott- guitar, Erik Ryden- lead guitar & bass, and Brian Thomas- drums) is very much a study of contrasts: delicate melodies, blistering tempos, chugging guitars, oblique lyrics, and smoky ingénue vocals all blend together to make something altogether new and challenging.”

“Given all that it possesses, "Magnify" shows a band that contains all the elements- including uniqueness and intrique- that contribute to a bands success. ”

“Don't just take my word for the fact that LSG is kicking ass. Last year they scored a sponsorship from Sparks Energy Drink which landed their single "Where We Started" on the Sparks Digital Playlist. This past June that same single made its way on to the all-female compilation She Got Next 2011. They also landed first place in six separate categories in the 25th Annual Review Music Awards: Best New Artist of the Year, Most Innovative Artist, Rock Keyboardist, Female Rock Vocalist, Rock Guitarist and Blues Instrumentalist.”

“When asked about the reaction to their success at this year's Review Music Awards, Talitha says the band was “surprised, excited, and very grateful for the people that voted for us. It was our first year being nominated for anything, so it was nice to walk away with some awards.””

"Motivation is not something you see from many bands around the area, they are dedicated to bringing you an excellent piece of original work every time you see a live performance, they give you what you pay for at the door, and then some. Its remarkable the standard they are setting for up and coming musicians, to wrap so much beauty and intelligence in their songwriting capabilities, it almost makes you wonder when time will take and sweep them away from us, in this small chunk of the world."

"Your vocals are engaging, and quite compelling. The passion that you have certainly does come across to this listener! The actual cadence in the delivery of the lines, adds to the appeal here. The use of melody to set up and create the mood is strong and effective. In particular, I like the use of the vibes and keyboard textures...this is both different and interesting. Guitar lines are also powerful, and act like additional hooks. Speaking of hooks, this chorus is set up and released well. You guys also repeat it for effect, and as such it is memorable after one go round. All in all, this is a very solid song, that is delivered well. Nice job!" -TAXI-

"I rate Where We Started by Life Size Ghost a “thumbs up” and 10 stars. They have a unique sound and the drive to make it!"

"The band's debut single, "Where We Started", is featured on Block Starz Music's upcoming all-female "She Got Next 2011" compilation, available June 21."

"What makes LSG different from other bands in my opinion is that we are not driven by anything other than our love for what we do. We are all very close friends and we simply play for each other and the people who listen to us."

"I like the chances of us continuing to play music together because most everyone in the group has committed music to being a very large part of our lives. Schooling and love of music is integrated evenly in this group and we really love playing our music live and meeting new people."

"They have proven themselves to be more than worthy of their inclusion as they continue to grow their fan base with year-round shows at Michigan venues and Midwest tours every spring."

"Life Size Ghost's Where We Started is a solid sophomore effort that supports the buzz that has been steadily growing around this young band. Comprised of six members—Talitha Snowden on keyboard and lead vocals, Curtis Hendershott on guitar, Erik Ryden on lead guitar, Dan Pavlovich on bass, Brian Thomas on drums, and Reese Gall on the vibraphone and percussion—the Lansing-based group seamlessly comes together to create a bluesy, danceable indie rock."

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"Life Size Ghost, is an eclectic six-piece band boasting the impressive Talitha Snowden on vocals (and keys). Unlike many such bands, Life Size Ghost doesn't exist simply to back Snowden. This collective is highly talented and original, with Erik Ryden (lead guitar); Curtis Hendershott (guitar); Dan Pavlovich (bass); Brian Thomas (drums) and Reese Gall (vibraphone) rounding out the roster. Unusual instrumentation and a distinctive sound bear fruit on Life Size Ghost's sophomore album Where We Started."