Life On Earth.. / Press

“Life On Earth, new unique idea for a band reflecting it all on the good side of life..!! A fresh creative sounding rock with fast tempos, captivating harmonies within the guitars/leads/vocals, sending the guitar to the stratosphere once again!!.. "Rescue Me" is a song you can't play quiet, you crank it up and replay it 5 times to catch the adrenalin rush the songs provides! Keep rocking with LIFE ON EARTH in 2014!!”

Jab Wilson - Rocko Meter

“LIFE ON EARTH - New fast melodic sound, UNIQUE to ANY BAND/artist...! Powerful songs, with fast guitars and melodies unheard of, in the simple format that one CAN still ROCK loud and proud and in control of new sound..! Russ Rebeleus a songwriting talent, writing all kinds of songs!! CHECK HIM AND HIS BAND OUT AND CRANK IT UP!!”

Joe - Sticky News