“HOLY LIVING FUCK! i finally dug our cd out of my gig bag. YOU GUYS ARE INSANE! great sound! it's like Arch Enemy meets Drain STH or something like that.. fuckin awesome.”

Hobbes Caltous

“I will not listen to "The Liar" at night... it's creepy and it scares me!”

Dave Jolly

“Lifemare rocks, incredible lead singer and the band is amazing.”

The Pit Unsigned

“damn!! nice, guys.. this is sick as fuck”

Kasey C. Jarrell - After the Movies

“I got to be honest. I didn't know what to expect,but i must say i am blown away with The Liar. It is Spectacular. Really good stuff \m/ It is quite MASSIVE!! I am an instant fan. More please...”

Scotty McMeans

“All I can say is Holy Shit!! This kicks major ass!!”

Chris Sealy - The Pretty Ugly

“Brutal. As. Fuck. Loving the tunes guys!”