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“It would seem as if ‘the machine’ is already arm-in-arm with this band…there’s an immense amount of attention on the career of this band of future superstars.” ‘Cause honestly…some of you out there…some of you adults I suppose…are gonna straight-up CRY when you hear some of the ingenious songwriting on this album and look further into just how hard this band is outworking you NOW.”

“For now, we have this incredible effort For All You Listeners Out There…an album that really shows age means absolutely nothing if you put your heart and soul into everything you want to go after in life. This emotionally-charged and passionately-performed album certainly sets an immediate standard for independent music to rise to…perhaps some of those mainstreamers too”

““FOR ALL YOU LISTENERS OUT THERE hooks you from first time you listen to it, which is the result of the great guitar riffs, vocals, and beautiful melodies.””

““Album opener “Reach,” meanwhile,” grinds with a blur of uptempo guitars and a vocal that scrapes the clouds; while “Reach” is so wondrously melodic (think radio break-out track) that it demands windows down and pedal to the metal while driving down the highway. In all, Life In a Tree is obviously blossoming as a mighty act that deserves critical mass.””

“Can you imagine a collective of 16-year-old musicians with all the savvy of a well-oiled and established rock collective? How about a major thumbs-up to respond to the query.”

““Upon listening to their music the listener would not suspect a rather surprising fact: they are all currently sixteen (except drummer Jimmy C, the elder statesman of the group at seventeen). Molly, lead singer and bass player, has an extremely mature voice for her age and overall the band sounds like they having been playing for years. After listening, their age becomes an irrelevant issue except as a good press angle.””

““For All You Listeners Out There draws to a close with ‘A New Place To Be’, with spluttering bluesy guitars and attitude filled vocals that bring the album to a satisfying end and establishing Life In A Tree as a band that have talent in spades and a huge amount of variety at their fingertips.””

““With a special blend of emo and indie rock Life In A Tree bring forth their epic album to unleash its relentless sounds on an unsuspecting audience””

““After listening to their album, their age becomes an irrelevant issue except as a good press angle. Some young or simply more limited rock bands suffer from every song sounding similar, but they avoid that trap”.”

"With a diverse yet effective range of approaches “For All You Listeners Out There” shows the future of rock and the future is bright."

““Life in a Tree approaches the sound and aesthetic of alternative rock in a very personal way, refusing to get stuck in a box, defying genre definition and more importantly, sticking by their own vision and identity, as opposed to recklessly emulate their influence.The passion that the band managed to capture within their own studio discography, as well as the energy that they share with their audience from the stage is an essential component of their sound, and it is definitely what sets them apart from other young alternative rock bands around…and the public seems to take notice!””

"This is one of those bands that you find on the listening stand at an independent record store and buy it immediately after hearing it, and listen to it for weeks on end. The whole band sounds thick and tight with a raw, live feeling reminiscent of the legendary rock n’ roll bands from the 70’s. All the songs are unique in their own way. My favorites being “Reach”, “If Only Trees Could Speak”, “3Hunna Thousand”, “Get The Best”, “Oxygen”, “Gravitate” and “Misoneism”.There 13 tracks to choose from, and without a doubt you’ll find your personal favorite somewhere in there."

“Wisconsin-based quintet Life In A Tree is fulfilling their musical destiny at the young age of a collective 16 years old. Targeting both kids and adults, the band possesses true sonic savvy in emphasis track “If Only Trees Could Speak,” with a mesh of rock instrumentation and a wondrously kaleidoscopic back-and-forth vocal performance from its members. LIAT sings: “Hear us sing, hear us yell, Watch me rid of this spell/If only trees could speak, too, You wouldn’t have to worry, would you?” “If Only Trees Could Speak” will indeed call out to the masses.”

Chuck Taylor - Free-Lance (pro journalist)15yrs senior columist &writer for Billboard Magazine

“It’s not unusual for talented teenagers to form bands and play for their peers, but Life in a Tree, an alternative rock band featuring four Grafton High School sophomores and a Homestead High School student, is being noticed by people in the music industry who recognize emerging talent.”

“This Grafton teen band Life in a Tree, with two albums and a Summerfest gig under its belt, may be on the cusp of fame”

“Attention detected talents! Life In A Tree is a very young American rock band whose five member ages are between 15 and 16 years. Life In A Tree released a rather successful first EP entitled "Trapped In My Treehouse " in March 2013 and consists of six titles . We then had immediately spotted without knowing the age of five young musicians (which was a real surprise, they would have rather seen in the 18-20 years), their talent was difficult to ignore. We loved "JOSH's Song" or "Free". The young American group is currently working on their full-length LP which few details have yet been released. However, the surprise is waiting for you because we see that Life In A Tree still took a higher level technically, and is certainly not lacking inspiration! Long life to them.”

“Their debut album, "Trapped in My Treehouse," recorded last summer, is nothing to sneeze at either. The recording consists of highly-polished garage rock that can move with tidal waves of ferocious energy one minute and melancholy piano the next. The album provides listeners with a hint of good things to come from the young five-piece.”

Michael Runyon - WauwatosaNow Publication

"Life in a Tree has top gear, a steady catalog of covers and originals, a flashy website and a solid EP inspired by alt-rock acts like Fall Out Boy, Paramore and blink-182"

“Life In A Tree practically states and proves the case for musical re-incarnation.”

Sam Malaj (Batcave Recording Sudios)