Liesl Graham / Press

“It’s a powerful collection of rock music, though not without its quiet moments ... this is a CD I would strongly recommend for rock fans. ”

Steve MacInnes - The Sunday Independent

“Solid production, catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, good musicianship and fiery vocals define this second release. The album feels like the open diary of an artist exploring different sounds and feelings which I found intriguing. Graham, who penned the lyrics on all twelve songs, writes with passion and honesty and Chrysalis reflects this raw emotional energy… ”

Julia Lamberti - BPM magazine

“”Insightful lyrics combine with powerful and edgy rock elements to make this second album from SA muso Liesl Graham a sure winner ... an impeccably produced, outstanding rock effort.” ”

Jason Curtis - Pulse Magazine

““Most thankfully, we have an ALBUM here, and not just a collection of tracks.” But in praise, the track oscillates between the soft padding of the crystal-clear beauty of the female voice and a simple hard-rocking, singalong hook. ”

John Bartmann - Overtone