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“Lies Beneath have been making plenty of noise within the tri-state area Heavy Music scene and are already known for delivering well composed music that can wake up the dead! When I first received a copy of the record I was immediately impressed by the awesome cover art... then I loaded it on my CD Player, cranked it up and gave it the first spin of the day. My first impression was that the band took some smart risks as far as how they composed the music & on their strong political message! Then I gave the CD a second spin and started to pay attention to the overall texture of the album, this is when it hit me that Lies Beneath had created a unique hard hitting record! A few weeks later they unleashed the album at the 'Sindependence Metal Bash' and it made me realize that they can transmit their recorded music on stage without losing any power!”

“The band speaks to their generation...it encourages them to think about the issues their generation faces...Driven by historical events, they incorporate emotion and underlying themes with a powerful aggressive in-your-face stance...Lies Beneath has struck the right chords.”


“Lies Beneath is a cutting edge five-piece metal band from Long Island, NY. With powerful riffs accompanied by earth-shattering vocals and rhythm, Lies Beneath will not be forgotten.”

"Locofest: New England's Rock Fest" Magazine

“One factor...that sets them apart from all the others is the vast amount of hard work the members engage in to prepare for their live shows and recordings...Lies Beneath, [is] a band that now features its own unique sound...The group's growing fan base seems testament to the quality of the act.”

Good Times Magazine