Lick It Ticket / Press

“Complex rhythms and innovative melodies give the debut collection a playful, abstract feel. Laidback West Coast alt guitars meet nimble jazz horns, and electronic blips brighten bluesy keyboards, creating an experimental vibe held together by intuitive composition, snappy pacing and airtight instrumentals. Lick It Ticket is a must-hear by a talented group with the chops to go places.”

"Each member of the band composes their own songs, each with a very unique style. This gives the album intriguing continuity throughout, but only the band as a whole can make each tune part of the Lick It Ticket sound."

"If an ice cream flavor was formulated with Lick It Ticket in mind, there would be chunks of funk, bold blues, riffs of rock and waves of Jazz churning into a mixture fluid enough to tickle the most fickle of taste buds. It's a sound, particularly when heard live, which requires all the senses to be fully imbibed."