Lich King / Press

“...An amazing thrash sound that reminds me of the earliest work of Slayer in its delivery.”

“We're never gonna try to follow YOU guys again.”

Blood Feast

“Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

“I think the new Lich King record is killer!, Listened to the whole record in the car yesterday, love it!”

Gary Holt - EXODUS

“The riffs are violent and top-notch, and they are all over the place on the band´s follow-up disc, yet they hit its listener more punishingly than a horde of hungry cannibals who have been starving to death for the last 2-3 weeks.”

“From start to finish, there is nothing here but high-quality thrash that will leave you not only head-banging, but laughing as well. Bow to the Lich King, peasants.”

“Once you partake in their thrashssacre, you will join the bodies on bodies of bangers, rallying to their cause for conflict.”