Love Harvey / Press

“love your rich smooth vocals and love your song "when i dream" your music makes me want to dance and sing love it”

“mr. ross...thank you for introducing me to this talented young man. wow is all i can say. this is feel good music. just what i needed. my day was gloomy then i got the post and now i'm back to "vinny rob"....the melodies are incredible....once again thanks a billion.... ”

“I feel completely blessed to have been touched by your music!! You have such a beautiful gift as an artist!!! Keep doing it...you are on the right path and on the way to touch the masses by simplying taking it back to the root of it all...LOVE! I am so happy to be close enough to see you contiune to evolove and I wish you all the happiness in the world! It takes a lot of strength to go for what you are destined to do!! With nothing but love and respect!!”

“You are arguably one of the best ROLE MODELS out there for future artists and men! Especially minority men! Your MUSIC definitely needs/deserves to be played all over the WORLD! Continue writing and singing LOVE songs that are heartfelt! And of course, I will continue listening and telling people about you!! God bless you and your family! P.S. To plenty of WISHES and MUCH MORE blessings...Thanks for BLESSING the WORLD with your GOD-GIVEN TALENT!! ”

“Thanks for the support ! I love your work,lovely music and beautiful voice ;-) Mégan ”