Leyla Fences / Press

“Once you’ve heard Fences’ distinctive nasal twang, you’ll immediately recognize it again and not be going ‘now which country bimbo is that?’”

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music Magazine

“Honky Tonk Heaven! Plenty to delight…. a solid collection of songs that define and refine Texan honky tonk music from a woman’s perspective.”

Paul Kerr - Blabber ‘N Smoke

“Leyla... porch swings and guitars, trucks and bars and beer and bad relationships. ”

Andrea Guy - Mossip

“Not your typical honey-coated pop-country lyrics, Fences’ memorable writing style leave a mark on the listener.”

Annie Reuter - You Sing I Write

“Fences exudes a kind of gritty realism that makes me want to call her music Trailer Park Country. And I mean that in the nicest way.”

John Conquest - 3rd Coast Music Magazine

“I only have 3 things to say about Itty Bitty Twang Twang --- Love it! Love it! Love it!”

Eddie White - The Cosmic Cowboy Café - 2RRR 88.5FM

“Itty Bitty Twang Twang is not just another CD. It’s a big reason to keep believing in Country Music.”

“The Twang is the Thang in Leyla's new CD "Itty Bitty Twang Twang" .. from the reflections of "I Wonder" to kickin' cuts like "Pain Relief" and the big hook of "Get the Truck Outta Here", it's Trad-country all the way. It's really a great collection of original country songs that my audience is going to love. ”

Ken Bass - Variety 95.1 FM - KALH

“A real good production by a very talented singer/songwriter continuing the Texas Music tradition. That’s the Country Music we love here in Sweden!”

Stig Törnqvist - CMR105.5

“A Honky Tonk Heaven which turns the tables on the menfolk. Leyla Fences is the latest in a long line of strong female country singers who won't stand by their man. Instead she celebrates a woman's right to join in and does so with zest and a killer band.”

Paul Kerr - Blabber "n" Smoke, UK

“A collection of twangy originals that are so country they smell like cold beer. ”

Raul Tejeiro - President, Country Music Association of Uruguay

"If you like music that makes you want to find a sawdust covered floor, a bottle of whiskey and pretty girl or cowboy to swing around for a few songs then this one is for you. It’s Essential Listening as far as I am concerned."

Romeo SidVicious - Ninebullets.Net

"Luckily, along comes Leyla Fences to rally true country fans with the most potent brew of past and present sounds since LeAnn Rimes first hit more than a decade ago."

Scott Homewood - ReviewYou

““I love to spin newer country artists like Leyla Fences and Sunny Sweeney who "get it" when it comes to REAL country music.””

"If you like real, honest to goodness Texas country music, you can’t go wrong with Leyla Fences. This CD won’t ever be confused with pop-country, country-rock, or any other over hyphenation of the style. If you take your country like your whiskey, straight with no chaser, then this is the disc for you."

Dan MacIntosh - ReviewYou

"Leyla Fences has a voice that you'll remember after you've heard it once...the classic sound and unvarnished approach is going to appeal to a lot of the regular fans out there that wonder "what happened to country music?"

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World

"An ensemble of well-crafted, crowd-pleasing, dance-inducing toe-tappers that will find a home in your disc player for an extended stay. This is an excellent project from start to finish.”

Lucky Boyd - My Texas Music

"Leyla is proof that honky-tonk is still alive and well and fun to listen to when done well. Liars, Cheats & Fools makes you want to grab a cold beer and dance a two step and then tell off an ex, but maybe not in that order. At a time when country music doesn’t sound like country music, Leyla Fences is a breath of fresh air."

Andrea Guy - Mossip

“A real nice mature sounding line between classic Nashville country & modern sonic production and lyrics. Anyone who likes good music and is partial to country is going to enjoy this album.”

Chip Butters, Owner & Chief Engineer - ButterSound

"Leyla’s voice is Texas-raised country, edgy but true, powerful but controlled, and perfect for her style of writing."

Lucky Boyd - My Texas Music