Lex Scudo / Press

“Live Interview on NewUSB Radio”

“Next In Show is proud to present another international artist who goes by the name Lex Scudo. His sound is more experimental, but with over 10 years of playing intstruments, he has perfected his craft. Check out an exclusive interview below from Denmark's own Lex Scudo. You grew up playing instruments, but completely stopped at one point. Why? Got into puberty, made other issues more important. What made you get back into music? The work of my musician colleague DocTraubo inspired me to start over with music by use of computer & software. What is the music scene like out there? I'm not really in a kind of music scene here. Therefore I can't answer this :) Have you ever been to the states? What do you think of it? Never been there. Would love to visit USA one day. The state of music is almost controlled completely by blogs and social media. How do you promote/market yourself? Social platforms, web radios, music oriented social platforms. Completely virtual.”

“What is your latest project? An instrumental version of my latest song "Traces of Time". You have a very unique sound. Where does your inspiration come from? I sit down, start to compose and get into it. I don't have explicit inspirations sources. What music are you listening to now? Mainly my own :)... but I like charts music in general. I don't believe in resolutions so for new years what goals have you made? Making a number one hit single. Getting more popular at least :) The conspiracy is that this year 2012, the world will end. If right, how do you plan on ending it? I gather my family and friends and party with them into it. Thanks for your time Lex. #nextinshow”