LewisLace / Press

“Overall being a DJ has it’s ups and downs as Hampton has made sacrifices for his love of the art, but he notes that he’ll never give it up.”

"Neon Pancakes is a radio show presented by Lewis Lace that airs on Coastal Carolina’s WCCU. This mix is from my guest set on the show, recorded in one take."

“Neon Pancakes is a college radio show that started at Coastal Carolina University featuring their star DJ, LewisLace. Every week, he has guest DJs drop a set on his show and talks with them about future projects.”

"Yet another great mix of downtempo sounds to this awesome series."

“That’s what you like about Lewis. There’s nothing obviously cocky and there’s nothing that’ll make you skip. This is a guy you want to listen to before bed, when you wake up, on a drive, etc.”

"Real thinking man’s music and great just to shut the world out to and to create an alternate, more beautiful universe within your own mind."

“Put this on after desert and you might see him “bust-a-move”, or just bust-a-patella. LEWISLACE YOU DID IT AGAIN. I’m feelin this like blind men in a new environment...”

“I probably burned through that mixtape about 20 times and had to know more. Listened to all of his published work but I was sure he had more magic up his sleeve and my thoughts were true...”

"Fifteen minutes of mind altering sound tailored for thinkers and everyday music listeners alike."

“Yo, This guy is gonna be one nasty DJ ”

Aaron Thomas