Levi Stephens / Press

“Levi Stephens is taking listeners to his own carefully-crafted “happy place” by tackling love, life, and everything in between with his always relateable and intelligent spin.”


“R&B, pop, and folk, with honest lyrics, a crisp soulful voice, and a feel good beat to dance to.”

“Levi Stephens is a rare breed of singer/songwriter. There is a certain level of unique individuality in his voice that is unparalleled by any other artist right now. Not only are his lyrics on point so his hustle. He recently worked with Raheem DeVaughn on his album “The Love Experience” producing the track: Believe and contributed to the Fat Albert movie soundtrack. He certainly an up and comer on my radar.”

“Last year, a friend and I went to a PJ Morton concert in DC, and to our surprise the opening act could hold their own - Levi Stephens. I ended up purchasing the artist’s album, desiring to support a great local act and hoping that I would like several of the tracks. To my surprise, I ended up liking the entire CD, though the Nashville track took a minute to warm-up to. By the way, this CD was in the mix during a road trip from DC to Atlanta and back; we probably listened to the CD straight through at least 4 times. Anyway, this past weekend, we went to his concert in Bowie, MD, and he did not disappoint. From original tracks to some Tracy Chapman (an all-time fave) to some Al Green (Love and Happiness)! If you have not already, please check this guy out (“When I’m Rich“, “This Way” - Title Track)”

“In a generation of beat boxes and auto tunes, it is hard to uncover a true sound. That is, until you uncover the sounds of Levi Stephens. A native to the nation’s capital, Levi Stephens takes your listening sessions to higher heights.Like most singers and musicians, Stephens’ musical career started in the church, but his music knowledge came from his home. “Growing up, my father was a music connoisseur. My dad was into all types of music including jazz, R&B, and classical,” Stephens said. “We listened to everything from Stevie Wonder and Simon & Garfunkel to Miles Davis and the Carpenters. In my home we listened to music more than we watched television.””

“You ever hear a new artist and get mad? But not because said artist's music is bad, though, which is often reason enough to raise your ire, but because the artist is so good that you're angry at the fact that you didn't get wind of them sooner. I don't know if that's happened to anyone else, but it definitely happened to me the first time that I played Levi Stephens' music. The DC-born, bred and based singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist is one of the DMV's best kept secrets, but that's all about to change once more people hear his brand of soul with rock, pop, folk and gospel flourishes. His music may cross genres, but Levi's voice is pure soul.”