Levi J. Mericle / Press

“They are good! I will keep my eyes open for someone in need of your help :) thank you”

Upon A Burning Body

"From French to English Translation" There are thousands of poets fidgeting with words in dark places in hotel rooms whilst on holiday, but Levi J. Mericle is one of the craftsmen of the movement in Spectacular Poetry.

“Wow those are quite poweful lyrics! I don't know of anyone lookin for a lyricist but I think you should definitely keep writing and keep trying ro find someone who will publish your work. Good luck! <3 Ivy”

Ivy Vujic of Kittie

“hey levi! its great to see people like yourself writing. the one thing i noticed right away was you had imagery to go along with your message. you also included metaphors. I'm an advocate of that. keep writing and honing your craft because you are off to a good start! davey”

Davey Suicide

“I am John's agent, and I really like your lyrics! You do have some talent, that's for sure. I truly like what you've done with this song. I don't write music, but I have articles and press releases that have been published and I can appreciate good word flow when I see it.”

Sue Dempster (John Schlitt&#39;s agent)