LeVar Thomas / Press

“LeVar Thomas is a name you must take note of…write it down…take a picture of it…because let me tell you, this down-to-earth, determined, handsome and talented individual is about to take the music industry by storm one way or another.”

“Vocals, Harmonies, Lyrics tune and beat has it all. Easy listening good old soul/r&b is what we need more of. It can always be remixed into a Funky mix for the clubs. Very versatile. I'm singing now! Sign him or loose out! x”

“It all started with a simple email. A visitor to the site asked me if I'd heard of LeVar Thomas, and recommended that I check out his stuff. After going to LeVar's imeem page, I was pretty impressed. This guy could sing, and could hold his own with just about anyone out there.”

“When MULTIPLE people Tweet and Email me, letting me know that I need to push a certain record to the top of my "new music folder" priority list, I tend to listen.”

“This song sounds like summertime!...Like Sly and the Family Stone back in the day...LeVar Thomas brings the vibe of summer to my speakers.”