Lesson7 / Press

“The fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock and Soul keeps your head bobbin'”

"One of the most unique sounds we have ever heard"

"You may have just witnessed the new sound of music"

"Definitive production that compliments the seamless fusion of rock and hip hop. Socially conscious messages that both entertain and educate. Artistry that documents the desire for more. A celebration of a new beginning away from the struggle and pain of a troubled existence. Life elevation that illuminates and inspires the masses. Solid expression.."

““I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since I first saw them live”. Their music is a perfect mix of rock, rap, and R&B with catchy hooks and all around great talent. These guys are destined for stardom..."”

“The album is a delightful mixture of soul, rap, hard rock and R&B, with carefully inserted elements of jazz.”

“It's incredible to me that Des Moines is capable of delivering such compounded works of musical art, and I have to admit that based off this record's musical quality, I'm astounded that Lesson Seven is still planted in Iowa”