Les Racquet / Press

"Brooklyn trio Les Racquet scoops up earnest indie-pop, frantic prog-rock, creamy doo-wop and jangly jazz in a wide net, pushing it all through a spiky guitar-driven sieve that blends the disparate elements without sanding off their edges. Despite pronouncing their name “less racket,” the trio kicks up a maelstrom — witness their angular assault on Dave Brubeck’s cool jazz standard “Take Five” — yet the melody always reigns supreme. "

“Their obvious talent is matched only by their work ethic; the fact that the fledgling group has released three albums in three years attests to that… In addition to their talent and diligence, Les Racquet has sacrificed a great deal in order to establish themselves as artists and performers.”

"Hate me, berate me, or express your disapproval through whichever attention seeking manner you’d like [hipsters]. But it will not change the fact, that Les Racquet’s album Whale Hail is the most creative “indie” album of 2013."

"The set ended with a long triple-helix instrumental called “Bruce Lee,” which flexed every muscle in the Les Racquet body, and “Oh Yeah!” the kind of rocking sing-along that every band should have at their disposal to end a show."

"Much like the album, while watching these guys perform live there is never a boring moment. They were interactive with their audience, used entertaining transitions…and toward the end they each made sure to dazzle us with several raw solos."

"these guys definitely have found the feel good spell to eclipse any region."

"Their energy and enthusiasm translates. Les Racquet is racking up a cult following all around the country."

"Les Racquet’s three-part vocal harmonies immediately set them apart from the fold. These guys can rock with the best, but their ability to blend multi-layered vocal textures into this strategy is a rarity in their game. Additionally, their musicianship is too vast to allow them to be strictly categorized, bringing textures based in jazz, funk, and pop to their rock and roll roots… A band should be topically well-rounded, and Les Racquet is exactly that. Every song cannot be a party, and who wants an album full of downer tracks? This trio hits all of the marks… Les Racquet is the total package, in that their vocals are high in quality, and their skills on their particular instruments are as polished and thoughtful as they come."

"Although one can say that the foundation for their style is rooted in indie & alternative rock, after listening to both of their diverse records, it is clear that Les Racquet also pulls influence from ska, folk, blues rock and jazz to create uncategorical music for listeners with a wide variety of tastes. This originality in the band’s musical creation process, fused with their combined vocal talents and apparent chemistry, make for an impressive portfolio of tunes and a creation of high anticipation amongst fans for their future projects. These guys are on the up and up, their work ethic, style, musical ability and desire to spread their musical ingenuity with the rest of the world is sure to make them a widely known and admired band very soon."

"There's an almost schitzophrenic cocktail here that moves from punk to Afrobeat to acid jazz in equal turns, but never pulls away from the meat and potatoes required of any ambitious young group. Like an iPod playlist come to life, this is a group you'll find impossible to pin down, but easy to get down to."

"The name, with a nod and a wink, is pronounced “less racket.” I wish Patrick Carroll, Kenneth Murphy and Daniel Malone had been among the many young Brooklyn bands in town during the recent Savannah Stopover – their clever and catchy power-trio rock ‘n’ roll, with a lot of improve and jamming, is capped nicely with three-part vocal harmonies. Coulda done with more of that."

"A band that got its start just a year ago and is already touring heavily Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions, Les Racquet has become a movement of sorts leaving new fans and great reviews in every city they touch..."

"Their incredible range of influences and styles allows each song to appear fresh and unexpected"

“Talent-wise all three members impressed, but what was most impressive was the melding of seemingly divergent sounds. The bass, drums and guitar could simultaneously veer off on a tangent without losing the greater whole. The gorgeous three-part harmonies were the melodic highlight of the songs. Then they also weren’t afraid to throw an adventurous instrumental into the mix.”

"Seeing these guys was the most fun I’ve had at a show in a long time...Each one is a master of his craft and they work together incredibly. Their lyrics are eloquent simple and beautiful, never distracting or disheartening. Their beats are lively but also sincere and serious."

"The young group has been around for a short while, but it's the sort of band that can build a reputation by word of mouth [and] on the strength of its shows"