Leslie Woods and Dark Mountain Orchid / Press

“Leslie Woods' voice is rich dark chocolate, afternoon sex, betrayal, loss..the music evokes all of this and more, torrents of honey-toned acoustics and doomed, descending chord sequences. It’s all delicious, but it’s all fucking poison.This is heady and unwholesomely intoxicating stuff.”

Unpeeled Magazine

“Imagine a haunting, dark and sultry vocal which sounds like a distillation of Marianne Faithful, Nico and Rennie Sparks of the Handsome Family and you are getting closer to understanding the lonely, mysterious, and desperately dark characters which populate Woods'world”

Maverick Magazine

“ Sparsely arranged, mysterious and dark, as if Nick Cave was a redneck and even more bad-tempered than he already is anyways. Folk in its darkest style of play, traditional but seductive, precipitous and alluring.”

GQ Germany