Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir / Press

“GEEKLOVE is an understated acoustic treasure from one of our most under-rated songwriters.”

James Elliott - ROCK GOSSIP Belfast Newsletter

“A songwriter too long unnoticed by the music industry in Ireland and a performer who consistently defies the norm of solo and group performance, on an Island bogged down by band mentality”

Mary Carson - Hot Press

“...the point is these are not superficial pop songs: they are born naturally from moods of loneliness, frustration, irrationality, happiness, lust and foreboding. The ability to make music is a gift, to make good music requires devotion, hard work , and faith in what you’re doing”

Alan Crawford - Belfast Telegraph

“Furious rhythmically and complex lyrically... a kind of ironic simultaneous rebellion of spirit and resignation to stasis”

Nancy Jane Meyer - HowWasTheShow.com