Leslie Craig / Press

“Leslie Craig is an infinitely charismatic country-rock singer/songwriter with a deeply pronounced soul influence. She veers effortlessly from rock to blues to country to soul, all in her inimitable, soaring rootsy vocal style. ”


"Wow. This amazing young woman has a loyal crew of fans and when you check out her solid stuff, I think you'll understand why."

Don Cudd - HossTheBoss.com

"This woman is the real deal. Move over Gretchen Wilson! Leslie can lay it down like few singers in Nashville. Is she Country? Is she Rock? I don’t care. It all sounds good!"

Gale Breen - The Gator Hole Recording Studio

"One of the best entertainers I've had here is Leslie Craig. When she gets on stage, she brings something to everybody. You can tell she is completely into what she's doing- entertaining people."

John Taylor - Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

"Go see Leslie's spotlight talent. You'll see energy and enthusiasm and what's going to make her a success in the music business."

Mitch Waters - OnMainStage.com