L.E.S. - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco / Press

"We are blessed with approaches that are full of technicality, fast paced musical interactions, adept and passionate slower pieces that build with grandeur that create moody melancholic scenes. Salucco's guitar playing is astute and adept whilst Ermini's vocal phrasing really sets the stage. On top of this Lazzeri's drum work is more than a match for Salucco's bass that offers some interesting time changes throughout as the pair work in perfect harmony. The album is full of little nuances that pull influence from Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Blackfield, Porcupine Tree, P.F.M. and even Vangelis, that really hits the mark. Les Metempsicosis is a rewarding album that is definitely worth spending time with, time that will not be wasted. To say that L.E.S is only a trio, they certainly pack quite a punch."

“(...)In terms of the music Metempsicosis is great. Cool, nice 'puffing' rhythm section, great "Marillion like" guitar solos and major inserts on the keyboards. Huge work but at the same time not boring, with interesting arrangements.(...)”

"(…)it is a pleasure to note that in Italy there are bands who can get away from the prevailing musical provincialism and from the "foreign styles" that frustrate personality. The L.E.S. compositions, while making note of different influences, return creative skills that are hard to find in our Country".

“This full-length is well worth to be admired, it's special and certainly listening to it once is not enough, although it can be easily metabolized; it needs time in order to seize the grace proposed to us because the "now" is more than good and the "tomorrow" won't be different.”

"The album released by L.E.S. is an artistic masterpiece that deserves much consensus, and for sure it will have it; probably it's not an easy record, but as soon as you enter into the opera (because it's a rock opera we're talking about) you'll be fascinated and you cannot go back, you'll be trapped immediately in the story, it's impossible not to be trapped in it. " - "Il disco rilasciato dai L.E.S. è un capolavoro artistico che meriterebbe molto consenso, e di sicuro ne avrà; probabilmente non è un lavoro facile,ma non appena si entra dentro all'opera (perché di opera rock si tratta) se ne rimane affascinati e non si può più tornare indietro, si viene catapultati immediatamente nella storia ed è impossibile non rimanerne catturati."

"Producing a record as Metempsicosis, a long and reasoned 'concept' developed in tracks on average longer than four minutes, with poetic and introspective lyrics, you could think that it's a decision antithetical to the current commercial rules of the "chorus within the first minute". Such a choice, however, will be ok for those who, as vintage thinkers, will let this presumptuous cd fascinated them, in my opinion it's a little masterpiece. Not for the production, valuable and well made but light-years away from the 'megasounds' level we are familiar with, but the attention paid to every note, sound and word, as to prefer the feel and sound of the digital music instead of acrobatics or harmless instrumental performance. You have the technique, all right, but it is never an just for the technique in itself, it is used solely and exclusively at the service of result"

"LES - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco, is an exciting progressive band from Florence, Italy. Fabio Lazzeri (drums & programming), Michele Ermini (vocals) and Lamberto Salucco (guitars, bass, keyboards & programming) mix their love for Progressive metal/rock with ambient & soundtracks creating a new music genre great for concerts but also for film scoring."