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"An estimably intuitive interpreter with a terrific sense of time..echoes the elegance of Kenny Rankin...Grant also numbers among the few singers who fully appreciate the bursting at the seams ecstasy of "Old Devil Moon." Equally convincing playing the boy next door in "I'm Old Fashioned" or a seasoned lothario in "You and the Night and the Music," Grant is, indeed, one marvelously dexterous fellow."

"A stellar artist with plenty of panache - Les is an unforgettable singer...He is outstanding."

““I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)” is a melancholy ballad. Grant puts on a mask of false bravado, saying to his sweetheart that he’s okay with their breakup. The pain he feels comes through, not only in the lyrics but in the weight of the voice...The band shifts to hardcore blues with “One for My Baby (And One More for the Road).” One can visualize a smoky nightclub with Grant and his accompanists on a small stage – almost within arm’s reach of patrons at the first row of tables.."”

"he saunters cozily up to the fire like the boy next door on “I’m Old Fashioned"...the whole band shakes like a Bond Martini...A cooker!"

"adds his own brand of special sauce that makes this more than just another romp through the classic songbook. The combination of his voice, phrasing and sense of swing makes this a super sweet piece of ear candy...A nice, solidly driving set that resides easily on the top shelf. Check it out."

"a wonderful voice and a way with phrasing that is impeccable"


“Very stand-out vocals in a decidedly crooner style”


"Les Grant's voice packs a very clear and articulate kind of punch, very powerful and poignant"

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“Ben Folds at his best meets Frank Sinatra's ultimate croonin' days.."”

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