Les Fradkin / Press

““Reflections of Love” is another example of brilliant composition by someone who knows his way around instruments.”

"Reflections of Love is a track that doesn’t simply fall into any particular category of genre. The music is beautiful in a unique and unusual manner, and from the first few moments – the sound sets a mood and conjures up certain emotions that are powerful and memorable...."

"The creative mastermind known as Les Fradkin, the man behind the Starr Labs Ztar MIDI Guitar. Reflections of Love is a spiritually uplifting and emotionally soothing composition that takes over your senses and makes you feel every note, every melody and every rhythm."

"Les Fradkin is a composer/producer that uses the MIDI guitar to create an out of this world experience for listeners of all genres".

“With “Reflections of Love” Les Fradkin creates a lovely mix of jungle, trance, pop, and folk that feels truly celebratory.”

“There is a powerful drive behind the music, it is this same powerful drive that creates a wonderful sense of euphoria and optimism as it heads down its unique sonic pathway.”

“A musical genius is at work here...Les Fradkin proves that he is King of the Ztar as he creates magic on this intuitive instrument and makes it sound like a million bucks.”

“Built around the genius of guitarist Les Fradkin. Fradkin is a guitarist of the first order. Make no mistake - Fradkin could show Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson a thing or two!”

“Baroque Rocks!; "The man of a million sounds and King of the Ztar produced a piece of work that is simply revolutionary, creative genius! ‘Baroque Rocks!’ is a proven success that will continue to withstand the test of time."”

"Whether he plays more in the classical or the electronic genres, Fradkin makes a strong case for himself as the Yngwie Malmsteen of MIDI. Might this supreme practitioner be due for a renewed notoriety?"

“Les Fradkin’s “Crashing Waves” displays a dexterity reminiscent of Dick Dale’s work. With nimble guitar lines and loose rhythms, the song feels akin to a cascading joy. A playful attitude defines the entirety of the piece as it seemingly aims for a glorious sunset.”

“Les Fradkin’s 'Crashing Waves” (Colorado) This track is so good! You can feel the water at your feet! It’s got a feel like Zorba The Greek meets “Wipe Out” and it is a fun ride! I totally love it! Twists, turns, waves and pure fun along the way! I am in love with this sound! WOW!”

“The big, rocking guitar beat of Les Fradkin is essential listening for fans of symphonic rock instrumental sounds.”

"Renowned MIDI guitarist Les Fradkin continues to WOW the critics and audience by bringing innovative music-making techniques to the forefront. Les combines classical & progressive rock music to make up one uniquely original, digitally-advanced sound. The KING of MIDI Guitars!"

"Lift Off"- Two words come to mind after a listen to Les Fradkin's music: Original Genius. One of the most original pieces of music that I have heard in a really long time.

“One of the great guitarists of our time!”

"Canon In D"- Best Classical Recording 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards

"Baroque Rocks!"- Fradkin's expertise on the Starr Labs Ztar Midi Guitar, is simply brilliant with an added dash of amazing. I would consider this one of the best classical homages done by a rocker.

“Suite for Ztar and Orchestra in G Minor is just the latest evidence of the exceptional creativity of prolific musician Les Fradkin. Les has not only mastered the Starr Labs Ztar; he has taken the instrument to previously uncharted regions of the musical universe.”

“I first learned of you from the Steve Vai song "Liberty" which I thought you did a fantastic job with. But Orbiter ROCKS! This is one of those songs that's so great you immediately think you've heard it a million times before. Great job!”

"One Link Between Them"- Fradkin has sequenced and shredded his way into 2008 with one of the most adventurous digital recordings we’ve heard in a while. Get your synth freak on and lift off with Les Fradkin!

“LES FRADKIN & GET WET- "A DAY AT THE BEACH" (RRO-1002) This is the real thing- an absolutely joyous, stunning album which restores our faith that surf is way,way alive in the fingers of Les Fradkin. Album of the year without doubt!”

Davy Peckett - New Gandy Dancer

“Les has two singles in “Crashing Waves” & “Disintegration” that will prove to be two monster hits from sea to shining sea.”

“To see the Ztar at its absolute best, you have to check out the work of Les Fradkin on YouTube.”

“I digg your vids on YouTube...you ARE THE ZTAR.”

"Bloody Brilliant!"

"Canon In D"- This would blow Pachelbel's mind. Les has created a complete orchestral arrangement with his Ztar. Very cool.

"While My Guitar Only Plays"- I must proclaim that this is the BEST instrumental Beatle song CD ever produced!!!!

"Canon In D"- Incredible - of all the renditions of this piece this has to be the best

"His Starr Labs 'Ztar' now has become part of a new peak in Les' personal history. At the same time a culmination of musical innovation."

“Guitar virtuoso extraordinaire! Les can easily "make a guitar speak" and then some-simply brilliant.”

“Les, you have a unique approach as well: in your hands the Ztar becomes its own instrument. Very impressive work...”

“He has been responsible for writing and recording some of the finest original pop/rock songs and albums over the past five decades. "Rehearsal For Retirement" showcases his songwriting, singing and instrumental skills in their most exceptional form.”