Lesedi Lo-fi / Press

“One night, Greg Townley was coming out of his studio in Hollywood and he heard an artist singing in the street. It turned out to be Lesedi Lo-Fi. He said he cannot recall hearing such a magnificent voice and he went over to introduce himself after listening for a while. They started chatting and Greg gave Lesedi his card and told him to give him a call.”

"Lesesdi Lo-Fi is a young artist from Los Angeles California his style of music is a mix of acoustic and indie rock. I really just loved the tone in his voice and the soul you feel when he sings. In his song Western and Lexington his voice mixed with the instrumentals is quite beautiful. The guitar solo is soft yet clear."

"At nearly 6 1/2 feet tall and an additional 5 inches of mohawk piled atop his head, Josh is an imposing character. His easily recognizable presence is further exaggerated by the bull-like piercing hanging from his nose and the hot pink skateboard he uses for transportation. His striking display of style stands out in a city where frankly, that can be hard to do. However, his most impressive quality is one that can not be seen, only heard. Josh possesses an incredible talent for music. His voice resinates with a soul that is far older than his 19 years. He sings with a sweetness that contrasts his edgy exterior. "