Les Dion / Press

“Patience is a virtue. It can pay off in the most fruitful of creative results, as evidenced by Back 2 Smooth, the debut album of New Jersey native Les Dion. After several decades of close calls and deals gone bad, the singer-songwriter delivers a cohesive set of relaxed, yet upbeat, R&B gems tailored for those who like their vibes positive—their musical moods sweet. Opening with the supple groove of the title track, Back 2 Smooth is a consistently pleasing showcase of a tenderhearted tenor vocalist with an understanding of lyrical and musical authenticity. Dion's phrasing floats gently atop layers of breezy guitars on "Back 2 Smooth," an Isley Brothers-inspired midtempo joint propelled by emotive chord progressions. Back 2 Smooth is a refreshing collection of unaffected, uncluttered R&B with thoughtful messages and melodic glow. Les Dion has proffered a satiating, independently produced CD that stands a cut above even many of his major-label contemporaries' efforts!”

“Les Dion’s new release, Back 2 Smooth, is an album that spans multiple genres—from R&B to jazz, inspiration, and soul—with a talented vocal delivery and superb musicianship throughout. The smooth percussion, fluid melodies, and upbeat vocal deliveries are not deficient in any way. There is room for laid-back lounging, as well as more upbeat dance-friendly tunes. There are enough good elements to keep listeners duly enthralled. Fans of soul, jazz, R&B, and nostalgic jazz will be especially pleased with the new release. ‘Les’ is more and Back 2 Smooth is the reason.”

Matthew Forss - Inside World Music

“Back in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, Les Dion was poised to take the musical world by storm at a young age. Regrettably, success was not to be had and at the turn of the ‘90s, Dion’s focus turned to his family. Over the course of two more decades, Dion’s life was wrought with tragedy and it wouldn’t be until the last few years that he was able to find himself again, and find his penchant for music. His 2013 album, Back 2 Smooth, is a beautiful, soulful, inspiring, and engaging album, entirely produced and performed by him. The musical world should consider itself grateful that Dion rediscovered himself, because this record is fantastic. The most immediately identifiable trait about Back 2 Smooth is Dion’s heavenly voice. On the fourteen songs he has here, every one of them has a vocal performance that is nothing short of heavenly. Without exaggeration, Back 2 Smooth may indeed by one of the smoothest records to come out in quite some time.”

Heath Andrews - Indie Reviewer

“Les Dion has a back story you could write a novel about. A military veteran with a long association with the world of music, Dion’s music dreams were thwarted by a major label structure in the 1980’s and 1990’s that was formulaic and unfriendly to independent artists. A family man who has shepherded his clan through a host of challenges and tragedies, Dion never lost the burning desire to write and record his own music. 2013 sees the release of Dion’s great opus, Back 2 Smooth. Les Dion has a real talent for slow and steady grooves, blending 1970’s style R&B with smooth jazz for a very appealing sound. There are some very sweet moments on Back 2 Smooth! “Callin’” is a song dedicated to Dion’s daughter, and finds Dion finely entrenched in his falsetto voice. It’s one of the better vocal performances on the album. There are some sweet moments on Back 2 Smooth and I highly recommend this LP.”

Wildy Haskell - Wildy's World