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“I received Dark Symphony and found this collection of work to be a truly magnificent gem of musical composition . Le Reverie has taken traditional rock, gothic music, progressive metal, and classical symphonic stylings, and blended it into a perfect creation of emotionally stirring music. The vocalist for the group, Allie Jorgen, has a classically trained voice taken to the limits. Allie gives a wonderfully sparkling performance in this album, bringing you spellbinding imagery in song that are as a siren’s call that draws ships in to the rocks on a merciless sea. She creates a vision within the music, her voice, which like a well-tuned instrument, resonates true. Everything blends together wonderfully. Well balanced and well mixed, this album shows the skills and talents of the artists involved. This album with it’s strong hard rock tones, the non-traditional styling of gothic and progressive metal, is drawn in classical overtones creating a whirlwind of emotion . ”

“Le Reverie has been described as a cross between Evanescence and Dream Theater. And that just about hits the nail right on the head. Fronted by the amazing voice of Allie Jorgen. 12 tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent. The title track, that kicks things off rather nicely. A progressive sounding number but with bags of melody. 'Twisted' showcasing the band's musical skills, while 'Ghost of You' is an awesome piano/string led ballad - the piano provided by the mysteriously named keys player, The Mysterious "OG" - love it!. The rocking and melodic 'Le Reverie (The Dream)' is really the band's signature tune, shades of Evanescence. 'Raven' is a progressive melodic masterpiece and brings up the Dream Theater influences. The massive sounding 'Hold Me Down' follows and was named “Breakout Single of the Year” at the Los Angeles Music Awards. 'Truth & Lies' and a reprise of 'Ghost of You' ends this amazing album that I myself like very much.”

“The long-awaited debut album “Dark Symphony” from Le Reverie has finally been released. Le Reverie is a female-fronted Goth/Prog Metal Band that sounds like a cross of Evanescence and Dream Theater. They will lure you in with their haunting melodies and their dark heavy tracks. This album will take you on a journey from the haunting tribute to Edgar Allen Poe, “Raven” and the tender ballad “Ghost of You” to the dark progressive title track “Dark Symphony” These songs will have you in a trance with their dark melodies combined with their classic metal sounds. It will rip and tear you apart ever so sweetly and have you crawling back for more. Their songs boast an array of powerful progression and passion while still retaining its heavy metal attitude. Allie Jorgen’s vocals are amazingly haunting. On “Dark Symphony” Jorgen is a master of melody, with the gift of enhancing even the most jagged arrangements with her haunting vocals,”

Rad Chad Reynolds - All Access Magazine

“Fronted by female rocker Allie Jorgen, LeReverie create musical dreamscapes by combining a classic metal sound with dark, rich Gothic overtones. The band write their music in an ensemble fashion around a kitchen table. While an unusual approach for this genre, it is likely this truly collaborative effort is what creates this band’s unique, signature sound. Trance-inducing chord combinations embellished with powerful metal passages and lyrics that conjure up secret yearnings and fears make these songs memorable. The standout composition, the singular rock ballad “Ghost of You,” is dramatic and intriguing as it drips with haunting musical allusions to classic cabaret ballades from the Kurt Weil Period. ”

“Artist Name= LE REVERIE This music is euro-metal worth checkin’ out. Le Reverie front-woman Allie Jorgen dishes out some strong and highly versatile vocalz and melody lines. The band is very tight and musicianship top-notch. The instrumentation is huge and wide open. If U like synth and piano oriented rock w/ some awesome string sections, then I know you’ll like this... And once again the instrumentation in all its aural elements are beautifully woven together with Allie's wonderful and radio friendly singing. So yeah! I highly recommend U checking out their NEW Release. Best Song: Ghost of You ”

“LE REVERIE "Truth and Lies" Genre: Goth Rock Independent Release Le Reverie are an American goth rock band who have just released their first EP. Musically, they remind you of Evanescence… Three tracks of well played, well sung, well produced hard rock. Check out their website at www.lereverie.com and see what you think. MARTIN HOWELL ”

“LE REVERIE - Truth & Lies Female-fronted European music comes my way courtesy of American outfit Le Reverie...LR are like a girl-fronted Dream Theater... Frontwoman, Allie Jorgen delivers a highly versatile range though it seems mostly suited to subtle melodies from the instrument lines behind it and all elements are beautifully paralleled here. Three tracks is way too little to taste from this band -they are impressive first time… well song out and their debut album looks to be loaded with more fireworks it can fit. Truth is, these guys ( and gal )are going to be huge...listen to this bunch and you know I ain't Lying. ”