Joey Charles / Press

"Joey Charles, a singer, songwriter and president of Le Professeur Music, said the open mic has changed his life and given him the courage to launch a career.... While in Guam, he discovered a coffee shop had recently started a Thursday night open mic, and so he began performing and coming back every week. “Through those two years, I saw so many people come out of their shells just like I had done that Thursday night in 2011,” Charles said. “I started several open mics after that and some are still running to this day.”

“I am really, really impressed with Tales of a Wandering Heart! Joey, your voice is seriously FAN-freakin-TASTIC and smooth. The arrangements do a great job of placing me sonically in the places of your stories without being a distraction. I have many more listens to go to properly soak it all in, but at first pass i have to say that the chorus in "You" immediately stands out. It is SO satisfying, the sweetness and bit of longing in it. I've heard you play individual songs at open mics, and I am annoyed that I haven't heard you play a full live show. Hugs & high fives, brotha! Marie”

Marie Dornan - The Muteflutes

“Joey Charles, aka "Le Professeur", has recently released an album titled "Tales Of A Wandering Heart" and I couldn't be more impressed. I took quite a bit of time to write this review, I know, but I only wanted to give a fair one. Final call? This is a must-listen guys. Le Professeur nails a folk-island blend in my opinion, with some strong singer-songwriter elements present in his writing and arrangements. From the bouncy, sweet "Island Girl" to the emotionally provoking "Eternal Sleep", the Professeur has absolutely outdone himself. Please, do yourself a favor: shoot over to iTunes and CD Baby and get yourself a copy of "Tales Of A Wandering Heart", and support a truly genius writer and artist.”

Violet Asuncion - Violet Asuncion Music

““Joey Charles is an amazingly talented and diverse musician and vocalist whose singing and style is memorable... You walk around singing the song he just finished because you can't get it out of your head – and you don't want to!! He also has a lovely personality and is cute as a button!””

Cecelia Reardon - The Readfield Emporium

““Joey Charles is a good example of a singer/songwriter who possesses that rare combination of poignancy, wonderful vocal delivery, and that third dimension that captivates and moves a listener.  Joey’s songs stay with you – like old friends sure to stand the test of time.””

Ed Desjardins - Garden Productions

““Joe "Chuck" is a gifted musician and gatherer of people. He has a clear vision of storytelling and community, and how open mics and other community venues can help build bonds between folks of all ages and background. We are thankful that we had a chance to work with him out here in Kaua'i, and are looking forward to doing more with him in the future.””

Jeff Adams - HA COFFEE BAR

“If you get the chance to catch one of Le Professeur's performances you are in for a treat. His set list and musical style are both unique and pleasing to the ear. Great show, Joey!”

John Goodine - Carmen & The Detour Project