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“And Everybody Died doesn’t disappoint in the slightest from the beginning strands of Opening with its sample taken from Night of The Living Dead all the way through to Spielplatz (playground)which is a Rez cover by the way!; Leper have crafted an exceptional album of industrial gothic music. With influences from Pink Floyd, Mortal, The Cure, Sincerely Paul and Savior Machine this is a dark moody feast. Having recently toured with Grave Robber, Leper is the real deal. To these ears the highlights on the song front would be Lyken (werewolf) with its extremely powerful and haunting melody, wrung out on the keyboards. This song demands to be played at maximum volume. From the subtle verses to the dominating musical bridges I must’ve played this song some 10 times in a row. The vocal sample taken from the 1976 film Logan’s Run was sheer brilliance and adds just the right ambience. ”

“LEPER "And Everybody Died" Released in September of 2009, “And Everybody Died” is the follow up album to Lepers’ ‘Kreischen’. Leper is what industrial music was meant to sound like. Being only a two piece band, Leper is redefining the use of synthesizers, and combining different elements of Goth with dance music and creating a new sound that’s hard to label into a certain genre. The lyrics on “And Everybody Died”, are inspired by tragedy, loss, love and questioning authority, in a sense. All this makes up for some very captivating and thought provoking songs. The slowness of the songs sure as hell set the mood in a eerie, tragic-romance kind of way. I say you keep an eye out for these guys in June through July if you’re around the Illinois area, they will be playing the Cornerstone Festival out there and this one of the must see bands of 2010. ”

“…the overall vibe of Leper’s And Everybody Died is quite romantic and beautiful. Leper’s choice of string sounds and keyboard pads completely sets the moodiness directly in place. I’m a fan of organic drums and generally can’t stand computerized drums, but somehow Leper’s drum machine programming leaves me completely at ease with no actual drummer being present. In fact, I think I prefer it in Leper’s case. No sloppy or excessive drum fills are present which gives And Everybody Died a perfect blend of warm ambient songwriting consistency and cold, mechanical dance rock delivery. From the harsh intenseness of the keys on “Lins” to the soft moodiness of “Ia Ca Vrei”, Shaw manages to run the gamut of ethereal to synth pop in tonality. That’s not to say Leper is any way, shape or form toying with dance pop, I’m just stating that the songs have a pop sensibility in the midst of dark moodiness. I would implore you to seek this disc out. It’s my favorite”

Wretched - White Trash Magazine

“Leper is an American duo that puts out some really powerful gothic rock. As I listened to their CD, I was convinced that they are artists of indubitable merit. The beginning of the album is very evocative, with an experimental flavor and a ghostly atmosphere that you come across less and less frequently on this type of album. “Ia Ca Vrei” is also very decadent and . . . its musical progressions are anything but typical. They also totally hit the mark with the cut “Ai Grija Ce Spui,” whose riffs are loaded with a sense of mystery. Another song worth mentioning is “Casca,” which uniquely brings together dark tensions, poetry and experimentation. “Legea Lui Cesar” is pure dark ‘80s wave, captivating in its nostalgia. Towards the end, the rhythm of the album doesn’t let up and we dis- cover still more noteworthy songs. There’s even room for a hidden track with a decidedly garage feel, a bit like the Fuzztones to give you an idea... really cool. ”

Giancarlo Bolther - Rock Impressions Magazine- Italy