Leo Beatz / Press

“Inspired by Leo Beatz' "Hard Times 2012(Preview)": Hard Times, they're sayin', can't u c the signs Me I can't 'cause I keep my head in them rhymes Media focus on the negative, can't do that 2 stay ahead of this, words give me release from the bondage of the Blind yeah, I said it, the impaired vision of the news, most of what you read's meant 2 give us the blues So I take a breather here and there from the Hard Times scare And exhale with the hope for a world of Truth Nice beatz LB! Thankx 4 the inspiration & fan ”

“Your beats are dope brotha.! "future of the jungle" is pff the hook.! keep the dope shit bangin.! ”

“Great music loving it!”

MrNDNMAN - Reverbnation

"lol i am pretty sure i just woke all the peeps up at 3am with your sounds xoxo"

“Boo-Hoo: great beatz Leo :D”