LeNora Jaye / Press

“LENORA JAYE Best New Artist 2011- SoulTracks.com (2011 Annual SoulTracks Reader's Choice Awards)”

“LeNora Jaye's debut album announces the arrival of a genuine soul artist with bags of personality, confident enough to cover a wide range of material, both thematically and musically. As a vocalist, LeNora fully embraces her lyrical content and shifts her voice to fit the theme, sounding sweet, sassy, confrontational, intimate, doubtful, nervous, sexy and playful across the album's sixteen tracks, but never less than soulful. Appropriately entitled The Story, each track plays like an interesting tale, or a short story. Engaging lyrics, sympathetic production and a voice that recalls legendary soul vocalist Deniece Williams, all combine to produce one of 2011's first essential soul releases. The Story is a consistently excellent album. While accessible, it's one of those albums that sounds best played all the way through, revealing its qualities over multiple listening sessions. Clear some space in your listening schedule for LeNora Jaye, her 'story' is utterly compelling. ”

“The debut album from LeNora Jaye has been one of the most anticipated in the past year or so. It's been worth the wait LeNora is a great new soul singer with a fantastic soulful voice and great vocal range. The songs are good as well , 'It's On Tonight' is a modern soul dancer, 'Always Get Away' is another dancer, and the bright and breezy good time dancer 'Living For Today ' is outstanding. The mid tempo shuffler 'The Rain' and the quality mid tempo 'Giving It up' 'So Right' and 'Taking Over' are also great, but this album is consistently good throughout. one of the best of the year. ”

"Giving It Up" and "Times Are Hard" are by no means the only two good songs on Lenora Jaye's new album, The Story, an album with a lot to like. But I found both of these songs compelling for similar, but somewhat hidden reasons: On the surface, the two tunes have nothing in common... The struggle to avoid being overcome by fear, cynicism and bitterness connects both songs. The fact that a common thread can connect two songs that appear to be so dissimilar on the surface is one of the essences of good songwriting, so Jaye (who penned the lyric and the melody) deserves kudos. The Story's virtues are manifest... Jaye tells many stories on the album The Story. Her ability to be a realistic, mature and eloquent musical storyteller makes The Story a solid piece of adult soul.

“The soulful Story of ATL-based Lenora Jaye – warm, honest and a perfectly solid blend of classic soul influences and timeless craft – heartfelt songs, voiced beautifully by Lenora! She writes or co-writes the songs here and she also does the impeccable vocal arrangements – this a genuine, greatly talented singer – and the lively production blends classic style with a contemporary feel. Nothing trendy or artificial – real soul music! Titles include "Giving It Up", "So Right", "The Rain", "Do You Wanna", "Remember When (Old Skool Luv)", "The Story", "Times Are Hard", "Living For Today" and more.”

“Superb contemporary SOUL album - and definitely one of the hi-lights of 2010”

“LENORA JAYE after several guest appearances on various compilations managed to also release her debut album 'The Story' And another highly consistent affair it was too with quality cuts coming thick and fast, such as - 'You're Not The One', 'It's On Tonight', 'Always', 'Times Are Hard' and 'Living For Today'.”

“LeNora Jaye ... her name's become familiar ...via a series of songs judiciously placed on various compilation sets – notably that lovely Astral 22 album. Her work has also found its way onto some of Phil Driver's excellent Soul Unsigned albums and indeed one of those songs – the Angela Johnson-penned 'Living For Today' - is one of the highlights on this – the lady's debut solo set.....The good news for fans of that sound is that there's plenty more of the same. 'Don't You Stop', for instance, is a lovely modern soul confection ….while 'The Rain' is another pleasing mid-tempo groove. For those who like things a little faster there's two real pacey cuts – 'It's On Tonight' and 'Always Get Away'.... More sedate soulsters will find plenty of ballads to satisfy, and on each one Ms. Jaye displays considerable vocal prowess. The almost gospel 'Giving It Up' is the most intense, though 'Will You Love Me The Same' and 'Remember When' are recommended too....here's a vocalist to watch o”

"Wait On A Maybe" features out of this world vocals from both Marlon Saunders (lead singer of Jazzhole) and a new singer/songwriter named LeNora Jaye.

“... LeNora Jaye is held in very high esteem by a good number of people I know and tracks like Taking Over will help to get that view across to a wider public.”

“......My next choice is the meaty and no-nonsense “Taking Over” by Lenora Jaye. The heavy beats, dreamy keys and eerie synth struck me instantly, and the song is very strong and the delivery is very chilled and laid-back. The atmosphere is brooding, and the horns and synths ..”