Lenny Wiles Lionstar - Supernatural Gospel Gears in the Celestial Green Forest / Press

“inafix Dec 23 2007 4.00 stars Straddles the line between totally ridiculous and FUCKIN' AWESOME!!! Rock On, Mutherfuckers!!”

“recorddigger Progressive new wave rock out of rural Pennsylvania A odd mash up of progressive and new wave rock with synth, quirky melodies and a cool female singer. Entertaining and recommended for the 80's synth collectors.”

recorddigger - recorddigger

“End of the Rock Minstrel Hero. Absolutely brilliant! Great recording ....discernible vocals with the right amount of effects....an articulate mystical message! I wait for the sequel....”

“Your original song Jennifer the version with Roy Frush and Tommy is one of my all-time favorite songs. It is a masterpiece. Tom S.”

Tom S. - facebook

“Overture Video to Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly Opera - Brilliant mash up of every urban legend out there and distilled into moonshine.”


“The song Telepathic Girl Of The Stars is a special song myothergem”

“Very uneven, but kinda captivating stuff. Like a sci-fi prog record made by a drug-addled power pop band, I've totally no idea what were they going for. A real headscratcher, and a must for all fans of fringe prog and other insane sounds.”

“Quasar Light. Experience This LP. This thing starts to go off the rails. In the weirdest way possible. Not that it's avant noise or anything so overt as that. No, they still are going strong with actual songs. But they're weird, twisted, distorted and downright complex at times. It's progressive rock in the 6th dimension. Band is from the York area of Pennsylvania and one has to suspect that they're Amish on a Rumspringa binge.”

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