Leng Tch'e / Press

"... sound like Napalm Death lobbing mortar rounds at Cannibal Corpse, but now the hits are all the more precise. [...] Machine-gun drumming and kamikaze guitars [creating] cataclysmic amounts of death/grind brutality from which there is no escape." - 8/10

Metal Hammer

"a rolling, groove-laden stomp of hypnotic, mechanical tempos, strutting rock riffs and thundering breakdowns [...] between venomous grindcore orthodoxy and the progressive, multi-metal thunder of Burnt By The Sun and Converge" - 7.5/10


"... utterly intense and ripping [...] Leng Tch'e live up to their name with Hypomanic"


"... the best material this band has ever produced" - 83/100


"... extreme drumming, burning licks, and vocals that rip your face off. [...] an extremely talented band with more to offer than fans might have expected." - 9/10

"Hypomanic is the best Leng Tch'e album so far and one of the best albums of 2010 [...] proving that they belong at the top of the grindcore scene. Hats off!" - 90/100

"Punk sensibilities, a hardcore attitude and social lyrics [...] an album that remains captivating throughout" - 4/5

Zero Tolerance

"An album that’s worth returning to again and again, complex enough to warrant acclamations of depth and instantaneous enough for any Grinder worth their salt to get their freak on. Recommended." - 85/100

"... an utterly enthralling monstrous riff-fest! With ‘Hypomanic’ Leng Tch’e consolidate their status as one of the most exciting and varied deathgrind bands of today." - 80/100

"Leng Tch'e hits the nail right on the head with "Hypomanic" and will undoubtedly end up a few steps higher on the international ladder. [...] A mandatory purchase" - 88/100

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