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“Artists You Should Know: Lena Fayre. Los Angeles-based artist Lena Fayre has made some very impressive strides in her brief nineteen years. A full-length album, a pair of EPs, millions of Spotify & YouTube streams & clicks, magazine features, local residencies, the requisite near double-digit performances as SXSW – it all adds up to an artist on the move! Her new single, “Cry,” nicely demonstrates her ambition, with a widescreen electro-pop sound a la Lapsley or Robyn.”

“Our electropop crush drops her latest video and it's a real chiller. In “Cry,” 19-year-old pop starlet Lena Fayre (who’s back in L.A. after a slew of SXSW shows) leads viewers through a defrosting tundra, as she performs for and with a troupe of contemporary dancers. Costume changes and natural choreography punctuate the rhythms of this steady-to-climax, low-end driven pop lament. We understand if Lena Fayre is driven to tears: for performance sake, the fearless artist is shown dancing barefoot in the snow, both during icy day, and ostensibly frigid night. Lena Fayre believes “these moments of strain” are ” transparent” and “fearless” and considers this harsh subjection “special.” Special might not be the right word, though. Just last year, The Revenant audiences shockingly endured Leonardo DiCaprio’s torment as he willed himself through frosted desolation. But this isn’t meant to undermine Lena Fayre’s determination to put art before self. It’s that this”

“Lena Fayre Is A New Sensation. Richly dark, endlessly compelling. The brooding musician has gone from the shadows of the music world to one of the scene’s most forward-facing influencers. Singers like BANKS and FKA twigs, foray into their dark sides with lush electronic takes on R&B and piercing, forthright lyrics. The 19-year-old Lena Fayre can count herself among them. Her debut album, OKO, and recent EP, Is There Only One, are dense, dark introspective works that shine in their honesty. For the latter, Fayre put the face of the woman whose boyfriend she was seeing on the cover. Talk about audacity. It’s that boldness, though, that makes Fayre so compelling. She’s mysterious, but not aloof; enigmatic, but far from undefinable. She’s arresting, and one go-around with her music is enough to leave you floored, but thirsting for more.”

“The John Lennon Songwriting Contest presents LOVE: a songwriting contest in partnership with the American Heart Association & Women's International Music Network. Winner: Lena Fayre”

“Rising Star Lena Fayre's Dark Pop Alchemy. The cover of Lena Fayre's last EP, Is There Only One?, features an Instagram of a woman who is not the 19-year-old L.A. native. As it turns out, it's a photo of the woman Fayre's one-time lover left her for, inspiring the five-song collection filled with absorbing, electro ballads in the name of love lost, confusion, and rediscovery. Fayre's lush vocals coupled with dark, metallic production is a leap forward. Fayre has remerged as an artist unafraid to confront the stab of heartbreak and transform it into airtight electro-pop.”

“Lena Fayre, A New Artist You Need To Know”

“Lena Fayre's "Possession" Wins Best Music Video Award”

“2015 Grand Prize Winner John Lennon Songwriting Contest”

“Below is the premiere for "Do You Like That?"—the first song lifted from said EP—and one that swirls with a dark, twitchy kind sensuality that belies her years. Liquid beats and stirring strings to close it all out, but Fayre's unerringly confident vocals are the track's most arresting feature, sure to find favor with fans of Banks.”

“Music Discovery: Lena Fayre. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Lena Fayre isn't afraid to speak the truth or share her innermost feelings. Her harmonious and dark lyricism is paired with underlying synth-pop and R&B-tinged melodies.”

““Colors of Leaving,” the latest track she’s shared from her forthcoming EP Is There Only One? is her most involved production yet: It’s an atmospheric, synth-heavy slow burn built on stuttering FKA twigs-esque drums and Fayre’s ethereal vocals.”

“Teen Vogue's Sound Scout: Introducing Lena Fayre, Your Next Teenage Dream. Get read to fall in love with Lena and her fantasy-like world.”

“Lena Fayre's 'Is There Only One?' will haunt you and leave you wanting more than the five songs that are on it. Not only that, the EP has listeners wanting to learn more about the 19-year-old from California, who is so unlike the norm.”

“Lena Fayre -- New Sensation. Lena rocks the mic with a sweet slow jam called, “New Sensation.” She has the power to make the crowd swoon and has the sickest hooks. Her sound is eclectic with undertones of Fiona Apple and a hint of the Arctic Monkeys’ – “AM.” Lena Fayre is definitely an artist to watch.”

“There’s a fragility and brokenness to Lena Fayre in her “Possession” video, and with good reason: the introspective, synth-filled slowburner of a song is just one that makes up her Is There Only One? EP (released today, July 24), a project that was inspired by a real-life love triangle that didn’t end in the 19-year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s favor.”

“Lena Fayre, a fresh face in music you need to know, on the verge of a major year. The 19-year-old Los Angeles native’s sound and lyrics hold a bewildering maturity beyond her years. She self-released her first album, OKO, last year, and her new EP, Is There Only One, is out today. Her honest, slightly dark sensibilities lend a poetic quality to her songs that’s powerful, to say the least.”

“Southern California songstress brings a beautiful darkness to alternative pop. Lena Fayre releases her new independent EP, Is There Only One?, on July 24, 2015. Following up Oko, tons of plays online, and vast critical acclaim, the Southern California singer and songwriter expanded her sound and evolved in the most wonderful way. We like to dub what she does "Ghost Pop," because for as wistful and wondrous as its alternative interpolation of soundscapes and hooks can be, it's also just as hypnotic and haunting.”

“LENA FAYRE MAKES A BREAKUP RECORD FOR THE INSTAGRAM GENERATION. There’s clearly an electric, clock-stopping quality to her voice. Whether in an interview or on record, she comes off as raw and honest.”

“Lena Fayre's 'This World' Featured on Episode of CW's Hit Show The Vampire Diaries”

“SoCal singer and songwriter takes pop music into uncharted realms with impressive results on new EP.”

“Pop has seen its fair share of dark horses or unexpected anti-hero stars whether it's Florence + the Machine or Lorde. However, there's something very special about Lena Fayre. She doesn't have an inkling of coalescing to any sort of mainstream whim, but rather drawing it right to her like a magnet and never letting go. This is the next movement.”

“Lena Fayre: ASCAP's "I CREATE MUSIC" EXPO OPPORTUNITY WINNER --- WorldArts is proud to announce the winners of our ASCAP “I CREATE MUSIC” EXPO Opportunity Winners . We set out to find two artists, but due to the overwhelming number of submissions, we chose seven! Once you hear them, you’ll see why ASCAP added an extra day of performances for us to fit them all in. These artists will receive an All Inclusive week during the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO in Los Angeles April 30 – May 2, 2015. This Includes: A performance on the WorldArts Playback Stage Credentials to attend the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO A Studio Recording of one song at 17 Hertz Studio A Single Audio Recording pressed to Vinyl by our good friends at SquareSpace Please join us in congratulating our winners:”

"CD OF THE YEAR -- PINNACLE OF MODERN POP" From start to finish “OKO” by Lena Fayre delivers the mojo and is a fully loaded 11 Track release from start to finish. The music is diverse, grooving, upbeat, soulful and sonically entertaining. The songwriting – all consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove. The writing, playing and singing abilities of Fayre is highly marketable. Her overall persona and mainstream mystique is something millions of people should gravitate towards -- 9/10 Stars

“Lena definitely shows off the vast dynamics of her vocal abilities, weaving through different styles throughout her tracks and even within a song. You will hear Lena’s vocal journey travel seamlessly through strong operatic projections, soft and sultry lounge stylings, haunting and piercing whispers, and even some jazzy freestyle inflections. She has fun with various self-induced vocal accents from track to track as well. Usually laying down a single vocal track on each song, there are instances where Lena gets some harmonization help from vocalist Sanders Bohlke. On top of this amazing display of vocal abilities, Lena also drops a little tasty rap verse on one of her tracks.”

“L.A. native Lena Fayre is not yet out of her teens, but she sings like she’s lived three lifetimes of disquietude, alternately woozy and weary, dreamy and hopeful, piquant and playful. Her 2014 album “Oko” displays substantial production sophistication, with its refracted pop, R&B and balladry, and it also suggests Fayre is beyond her years lyrically. Take the half-spoken, half-rapped outro to “Games:” “Who needs a brain / when we have these games? / I don’t know what I want / so for now I’ll stay the same.” Fayre is far from a one-teenager show; she’s worked with producers John Alagia, Sean Gould, Jimmy Harry, Chris Keup and Nolan Sipe; co-written with people such as Olga Bell, Sanders Bohlke, Colin Killalea, Liz Phair and Adam Smith; and Bon Iver’s Reggie Pace and solo artist Matthew E. White collaborated on the album as well. She’s also studied under acclaimed vocal coach Lis Lewis. “Oko” earns an “A” for execution.”

“I can honestly say this is one artist that clearly gives you a clairvoyant snapshot that is highly original, uplifting and dare I say brilliantly catchy in scope - 5/5 Stars”

“5.0 Stars - I Loved It!”

“Just discovered @LenaFayre . album OKO. she is amazing!!!!”

“We still can't believe she is only 18. So much talent.”

“As Fayre continues to tour to support the new OKO album, I predict fans will flock to see the visual Lena Fayre and let her mesmerize them in hushed rooms.”

“OKO serves notice to modern music lovers that Lena Fayre is a talent to be reckoned with.”

“Lena Fayre -- New Artists You Need To Know.”

“Lena Fayre's song 'Love Burning Alive' Is A Top-Five Finalist In International Songwriting Contest”

“Lena Fayre wins best music video award at International Film Festival”

“Lena Fayre wins in international music competition”

“Sixteen-year-old Lena Fayre's new video has us dreaming — dreaming of more from the young singer.”

“Lena Fayre is on her way to stardom with her ability to appeal to any age.”

“Lena Fayre's 'Jukebox Love' wins Best Pop Song Of The Month”

“Lena Fayre's 'Belong to You' is a composition of fantastic taste and musicianship, one no fan of pop music should miss".”