LemonLang / Press

“Tumescence of sounds growl around the room in a manner that reminds me of a drill-bit eating into the earth as LemonLang carve up the foundations with a prominent bass that harangues the ears in a manner that draws the ears ever nearer to the speakers. Having enticed closer inspection wailing guitars excavate the the timpani, drawing blood, as a drum hammers gleefully in the background and a vocal, which cauterizes, sheens the compositions.”

“When high school buddies Greg Lemon and Aaron Lang started rocking out in a crammed Pickering garage, they never dreamed they'd be lined up next to Adele and Coldplay. But in the digital space, a band that's never even played a show can effortlessly rack up tens of thousands — sometimes millions — of views with a few clicks. In the past week, the suitably named Lemonlang's debut alt-rock album Self Implode Deadline has moved to second spot of the top charts on Rdio, a digital music subscription service, with over 50,000 plays and climbing. “I'm not exactly sure how it happened but it's been kind of an interesting week watching it happen,” said Lemon. “The Internet's a powerful tool.” (click the link for more)”