Le Lien / Press

“The first thing that I thought of was how exciting this would be to hear live. Very energy filled grunge feel. Seems to have some influences from both blues style and punk bands. Lyrics uncharacteristic of the genre but that could be a good thing too. Would attract listeners that don't normally listen to the genre. Chorus is fun to sing along to.”

SOUNDOUT Crowd Review

“The intro of the song is distinctly punk rock and stands out from the beginning because the vocalist has a great range which is so clear throughout the song. The lyrics are clear and powerful. Her delivery is great, and her range is so strong and varied. Overall, this song features a lot of instruments which I really liked. I could hear at least 2 guitars and a strong drummer in the background. I think this song will be a good commercial success on indie rock stations. The bridge and chorus are my favorite parts of the song. The singers vocals showed great restraint and a strong pitch throughout.”

Crowd Review

“I really love the guitar riff mixed with the high tempo drum beat. The vocals remind me somewhat of a 1950's female songwriter mixed with a contemporary singer. I could see this being a part of a soundtrack to a movie like great gatsby. I could also see this song being remixed to make a great dance mix for people to listen to at the club”

Crowd Review

“Great blues/rock sound. Strong and soulful vocal tone for the singer. Somewhat comparative to Black keys with a female singer. Guitar riffs that mix blues rock with a touch of alternative music on the chorus. Definitely radio worthy music that has a whole lot of potential. I really enjoyed listening to it.”

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