LeJaz / Press

“Man, I love your music! I don't think I've ever heard anything like it, it's fantastic. So you are playing all the instruments and singing? It's so weird and raw and rough. Right on”

from a fan

“Le Jaz - I’m Into Something Good I love this its really off the wall kind of like a cross between Lou Reed and beck. I really like the drawly vocal and rambling vocal it's also a little Tom Waits and that is a big complement. Great groove going on here nice. ”

SoundClick song contest

“Le Jaz - I’m Into Something Good - no, it's not Herman's Hermits' song of the same title. At first I thought Le Jaz was pulling my leg so I listened to a couple of other tracks. Nope. This here would be your 21st century folk music, folks. Honest as it gets.”