Leila / Press

“There’s so much more here than music. There’s SUBSTANCE. If there were no sweet melodies, no catchy hooks, no sexy vocals, there would still be MORE than enough reason to listen!”

"Soul Ascension follows an introspective songwriting journey that not only crosses cultures, but offers spritually healing words and positive messages"

"Leila effectively communicates a STRONG MESSAGE in a very serene; classy and empowering way that makes you realize how music can truly affect you in a positive sense."

“There are aspects of tenderness, touch, reflection, and thought that can only be defined by the beautiful way this artist presents her material.”

"Leila is indeed one of those artists with substance who sings songs that have soul"

"Leila has the depth of India Arie, the passion of Sade and the warmth of Karen Carpenter. On "The Groove" scale, I rate this, A MUST HAVE!

"Leila makes top 30 American Music charts alongside Adele and Bruno Mars with her song "Listen Don't Listen"

"...An incredible singer. She sings with a wonderful combination of passion, bravura, and a powerful romantic vibe"

"Leila’s singing prowess can stir your emotions as she sings each verse with so much vigor and passion!."