Leiko T'ola / Press

“New crazy cypher video on the way! watch this space!”

L Tola - Skarentertainment

“The Animators Ireland had a great interview with Conor at Dublin South radio last nite..Next is a video shoot tonite and the Lyricist Lounge on Thursday”

“At the Vaults tomorrow nite.Come c The Animators with me as well.It'll be good 4 u!”

S.Ka.R - The Animators at The Vaults

“it's friday people!so u know wasup!gotta keep up the pace.been away for a bit but he's back from Zimbabwe with a mellow tune for all who remember them days when it was all so simple then!!!!an ode to Dominoe,it will remind of those growin up moments u treasure for ever!”

skarentertainment - Memories

“Goin away for a couple of weeks but i'll be back.Hope y'all keep an eye on my position n not let me slip.Got more ammunition for this 50 Calibre tounge i got!Enjoy the anthem for now.What the hell!i'll throw in another trak 2mrw”

S.Ka.R - L.T.O.L.Anthem

“White Smoke is burnin rubber on the irsh rap scene right now!U can't see nothin beyond the tail lights!lol!The General has done it again!This is the Beginning of the End for a lot of weak artists!”

S.Ka.R - White Smoke!

“meant to piss off some who believe what he sez they are...impress the few who undastand the creativity it takes to think this up...annoy a lot of females...but mostly show depth in skillz...this new freestyle off Gucci Mane's "Bingo" joint is hot!watch this space as it is goin down this saturday at noon!”

S.Ka.R - P*$$?

“Leiko Burns Mics Fast on Rick Ross's Burning Money Fast beat!”