Legions of Raum / Press

““The beautiful onslaught of such powerful fright based bands. Indeed, the slavishly pleasing Legions of Raum have a propulsive track roaring over the closing credits of body choppingly funny short The Leaf Blower Massacre. "”

“Legions Of Raum, purveyors of aggressive metal, live up to the collective weight of their band and album (The Great Beast Evolved) names. You gotta bring it with those monikers. Anything less than brutality would be laughable. The five tracks deliver a type of riffage that is familiar in its groove-making. For example, the opening title track channels Chimaira. Yet, vocal styling favors a gruff Lamb Of God delivery. (facebook.com/legionsofraum) – Jason Scales”

“People that like Lamb of God and other pissed off music would probably like Legions of Raum. Everything about the EP is solid- the vocals are good and pissed, the instruments are interesting and it’s mixed well.”

“The perfect killer combination,of extended guitar wailing,machine gun fast drumming & growling lead vocals.”

"LOR is changing things up on the new release, stepping away from expected melodies and showcasing a mature sound."