Fruit of the Legion of Loom / Press

“It took 10 years for Portland's own Fruit of the Legion of Loom to release its first album, but Humandatory Genocide is now an actual thing, and one that will surely burn up the hit parade. After all, nothing says chart success like "instrumental concept album," and Legion of Loom's zooming, gonzo shredding is the sort of thing that makes music writers type words that wouldn't otherwise exist in the English language, like "frenetic" and "skronk." There are three acts to the sci-fi themed Humandatory Genocide, and the story itself is all laid out inside the CD booklet, although I doubt it will help much to get your bearings. Instead, sit back and let the instru-mental (sorry, another bullshit music critic tactic) trio's mathy, metal-tinged, progressive delirium work you over.”

Ned Lannamann - Mercury

“BAND NAME OF THE WEEK!!!! It's been awhile since Band Name of the Week got a really freaking awesome response from one of its title-winners. But--as I had hoped--Fruit of the Legion of the Loom came through with a response as entertaining as, say, Hot Loins'. (Perhaps genetalia- and/or undie-centric names are the way to go.) FotLotL's band-name response is so f-ing excellent, in fact, that I don't even know what else to say, so I'll just let bassist Bill Howze do the talking:”

“We got voted the second best Portland band name of the year by WW!!! If that's not imPRESSive, don't know what is. Here, read the proof. Best Local Band Name "Jesus Burger is the host with the most—votes, that is. Runner-up: Fruit of the Legion of the Loom. Has no one else heard of these bands, either? ”

Smart Ass - Willamette Week

"Fruit of the Legion of Loom makes music that is very quirky and often is hard to tell if it is awesome or just silly."

Crappy Indie Music-The Blog!

“More kudos, due to our name of course, from Portland's other alt newspaper. UNDIE Rock Band Name of the Week...Fruit of the Legion of Loom. So many pop culture references, so little time. ”