LEGION / Press

“Featuring high melodic singing and classic metal riffs this album is a must for any one into the “American Steel” from the 80’s. Packed from start to finish with high energy, pulse pounding metal this album is a great representation of Legion’s style. We can only hope they don’t wait another ten years to grace us with a follow up to this epic album.”

"Here we have something quite Sensational, Legion is truly a new band that captures the Classic earlier 80's Melodic Metal sound. Every song of the eight included is a winner." 8.5/10

Strutter'zine : (Holland) by Gabor Kleinbloesem

"The band delivers to our ears Classic Heavy Metal from the 80's and the whole atmosphere has this special something that make them sound even better, besides the fact of course that they have written some really good songs with interesting ideas." 8.5/10

Behind the Veil Webzine : (Greece) by Antonis Maglaras

“Legion ia a five-piece traditional heavy rock band from New Jersey, USA and their debut CD "Shadow of the King" is sure to attract some fans of Rainbow, Dio, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath (Ronnie James Dio era). Joe Adamo, Frank Adamo and Collin Bianchi formed Legion back in 1999. "Shadow of the King" is a killer album with powerful compositions, assisted by equally great musicians. Just Listen to tracks like "The Watcher" , "Medicine Man" or the nearly ten minutes long "Stay Away (From the Night)", and you will feel like you just took a step back in time, more exactly to the beginning of the eighties. I think it's great that bands like Legion are playing this kind of music here in 2006, and not just following the current trend. Even the cover artwork on "Shadow of the King" is Awesome.”

www.powermetal.dk (Danish Webzine) by Jorgen Ditlev

“Classic Rock remains as popular today as ever it was - that's what makes it Classic! While there are many existing proponents of good time epic hard rock in the style of Dio and Rainbow, very few convincing new acts appear in the genre. Legion come from New Jersey and are so steeped in those hard rock traditions that it's almost obscene!”

"Fans of Old-School Metal should not let this Underground gem pass them by. Highly Recommended."

www.metalcrypt.com : (U.S. Webzine) by Sargon the Terrible

"Thanks for making a CD with great energy and sensibilities. Rock Hard, Legion. Recommended for the fans of Die-Hard traditional U.S. and European Metal with strong 80's spirits.

www.hamanaka.com Pilgrim World Prog/Power Metal Website : (Japan)

"For Dio/and Rainbow fans "Shadow of the King" is an obligation purchase!!!"

www.dark-tales.de : (German Webzine)

“One of those Private releases that pops up and... RULES!! Ever heard of LEGION? No? Thought so. Well here they are with the debut cd "Shadow of the King" These Americans have done their metal homework and the band kicks some serious ass!! Legion delivers eight tracks that is born in the 80's metal soil. No doubt these guys have listened to bands like Black Sabbath (Dio era) and Dio. The music has a mysterious touch and the cover art suits perfect to this effect. It pleases my metal heart to listen to such a great private released album. I am already waiting for the next album!! LEGION RULES!!”


“Legion / Shadow of the King : A completely DIY effort, written, recorded and produced entirely by the band, Legion's metal harkens back to the day of yore, but with the rawness in production value, has a dirtiness to it that most power metal has forsaken for a more sheen approach. Whether that's on purpose or the result of tight budgeting is irrelevant; It makes the record more interesting to hear. I would imagine in a live setting their sound is more forceful, Mike Bunk's What-If-Dio-Sang-For-Priest vocals soaring over the guitar harmonies on "Medicine Man" As it is though, you can get enough of a sense of what they're all about from Shadow, and it's definitely worth checking out for anyone in need of some quality metal who doesn't want to travel too far to get it.”

The Aquarian Weekly, August 2005 : by J.J. Koczan