Legend In Japan / Press

“Legend in Japan are a band whose personality just shines through, in both the answers given when we interviewed them and through their music. It’s what makes them interesting, it’s what makes us want to listen to them and we hope you do too. Their brand of grungy, alt-punk is fresh as it is unique. It’s little wonder why this band are set to have a great 2013 and we can’t wait to see them come into their own.”


“I'm not sure if Legend In Japan are punk or metal, but Welcome To The Pity Party EP is well worth a listen to find out”


“London’s Legend In Japan play good old dirty, grungy punk; Shabby herself is a charismatic frontwoman, mad as a hatter, but holds a fantastic voice which will switch to suit the tone of the music. ‘Getting Out Alive’ sees her adopt more of a slur on the vocals, while ‘Give Them An Inch’ allows her to shriek her lungs out. Legend In Japan are creative and fun; the music is fast-paced with pounding beats and tight guitar. They impressed me, so let them impress you.”

Live Music Scene

“Their sound was a catchy mix of hardcore and skate-punk on speed and got the crowd moving as things started to get sweaty. A great performance, this is a band worth catching if you get a chance.”