Lefty Williams / Press

"Lefty Williams is a Southern rock guitar god who happens to have only one hand"

"Whether performing or teaching, Atlanta riffmeister Lefty Williams is an inspiration to musicians and non-musicians alike. He has built a bigger career with only one hand than most guitarists have with two."

"Jason 'Lefty' Williams sounds like he could be the next link in the chain of legendary Georgia guitarists after Duane Allman and Robert Cray."

"With a voice that sounds like a Dixie Steve Winwood, Lefty would be a first class front man even if he didn't play well enough to render his so-called handicap irrelevant...The man's got more chops than a Kansas City butcher."

"Williams' Southern blues-rock is rougher then the Allman Brothers', smoother than Lynyrd Skynyrd's and at times a little jazzier than either"

"An inspired sophomore effort, Lefty Williams Band's Snake Oil is destined to gain the blues-growling front man a new legion of admirers."

"Williams has mastered his six-string in a way that most two-handed guitarists could only dream of. But, one-handed, two-handed, or five-handed, it doesn't matter at all. The only thing that matters is that Jason Williams is one damn good guitar player."

"His music is intricate in composition and delivery. His blues-based rock & roll is mature and completely developed, his solos are confident and controlled, and his vocals clear and natural...did I mention that all of this greatness comes from a man that has only one hand?"