Lefty Hathaway / Press

“I was completely blown away by Lefty's performance. A bit bluesy, a bit soul, a lot jam and a bit rock and roll, it's a real treat to hear. ”

“Lefty Hathaway is a force on the keys, whether he's playing them for his own band, Franck's outfit or Lionz. He seems to enjoy every song he plays - if I could play the piano like that, I'd smile, too.”

"Lefty Hathaway is one of the funky-est, soulful players that you'll lay your eyes on."


““Hathaway's gruff, soulful howl wails over dazzling keyboards, classic organ and extra funky guitar. Elements of jumping jazz tied in with rootsy soul throughout the record. Fleas Flies and Fodder pops with all the energy of a live band.””